Thursday, August 21, 2003

...and the Dice Gods Dealt Me a One...

Well, the night is over and the movie was great. We had fun together, me and Miss Alto...and her brother. Oh, why does she had to bring her bro?Not that I hate her brother, in truth, I'm very close to her bro, in fact to her whole family. But how was I suppose to tell her when he's around?Yea gads, why?!! *Sigh*, maybe next time around...

My Orcs have finally challenged the Bobby's goody-goody Bretonnian Knights, and what will be ultimately be the game to watch as Sir Bobby's Brets have never ever been lost in the campaign before. People are saying I'm the only guy to stop him, and I'm ready to take up the responsibility. Three games, winner takes all loser gets to eat his models (figuratively speaking, of course, hehe). I'm probably not gonna be in the top 4, but the prestige of beating Sir Bob is enough for me. If I can do that for three straight games, wow, imagine the effect on the Warhammer community here? I can see it now..."Hey!Bobby was defeated!!By Raf's Orcs!!He's not invincible!!!". Hehe, now I'm counting my squig eggs before the battle. Hmm...must really focus tomorrow.


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