Friday, August 22, 2003

...and They Favored Bloody Battles...and Sang Songs of Old

The day came up muggy and promised hard rain,perfect for a good day of butchery. I travelled way up to the Galleria Mall to face off Bobby's Brets, the only undefeated army in the campaign. Introducing the generals...

On this corner, ranking no. 2 player in Glorietta and weighing in at 200 pounds, the loudest player in warhammer philippine history is none other then yours truly, me. On the other corner, ranking no. 1 player in Galleria, 35ish years old and a family man, the undisputed champion of the Holy Grail, Bobby Pedregoso. Now, let the blood flow freely...

Game 1: The Orchish horde wailed and battered their choppas to no avail as their twin Gods' Gork and Mork did not hear their pleas, and were crushed to a pulp by the Grail Knights. Massacre Victory to Bretonnians.

Game 2: This time, Gork heard their pleas and trumped around the battlefield, crushing the pitiful knights into recycled goods. The Bretonnians fled the field after the giant picked up their struggling Paladin and ate his head off. Massacre Victory to the Orcs.

Game 3: THE GRUDGE MATCH of the CAMPAIGN. By this time, me and Bobby knew what to do and promptly changed our army list. Both armies came out with heavy magic for support, and sadly got the wrong spells. Still, it was enough to cause one of the most bloodiest battles in the store's history. The Grail Knights tore at the orchish front, killing the general and generally wreaking havoc. The giant meanwhile dealt pounding death to two Bretonnian Lance formations, stubbornly holding his ground. By the end of the game, all that was left was two lance formations, two orc regiments, a heavily wounded giant and two ballistas. Tallying up the scores resulted in a....draw!What a game!!!

By the time the smoke was cleared and blood wiped off the face, the generals both shook hands and promised more bloody battles in the near future.

I loved today's match up!!Bobby is a great player and we both gave each other a 20 for sportsmanship. There still might be a chance I could enter the semis, after the scores are tallied this sunday...we will see I guess.

You know, there is something about listening to new wave while rains pours outside. It calms the soul by reminiscing about past lives, especially the good times. Maybe it's just me, or that my generation has embraced new wave during my younger days. Now, it is officially a dead music, although you sometimes encounter hard core fanatics of this particular music genre who persist in reliving the times. I guess every generation has it's own music culture to call it's own, something to remind them of wanton happiness and irresponsibility. My generation grew up on The Smiths, The Cure, Flesh for Lulu, OMD etc. Listening to these old tunes reminds of the days when the barkada was still together and with no cares in our lives. So no matter how baduy or old the song is, sometimes it holds a special time that marks a period of remembrance.


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