Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Cadia, Artemis Fowl and Losing Family...

Ever had the dream of being a master criminal who outwits the whole world in pursuit of power and money at the age of 13? Enter Artemis Fowl, crimimal mastermind and boy genius. Not Sakuragi genius but like Einstien level kind of genius The stakes: a ton of gold. The twist: fairy people. What the?! Fairies?! Im not gonna read some childish crap, you might say. But I kid you not, this book is a treasure, especially if you're a fan of Harry Potter. Author Eoin Colfin weaves a masterful story, and for a children's book, it can hook people at all ages. The plot is one hell of a roller coaster ride, the witty dialogue easy to read and visualize. Truly, this book goes up as one of my favorites.

Having treated myself to a gift, I bought a Warhammer Cadian Box. With next month's diorama contest drawing nearer, I plan on entering the contest and maybe do a Aliens setup or even a Saving Private Ryan. Who knows?

I played against Glen Empire today, and I profoundly lost to extent that I underestimated the man. Damn my overconfidence. Next time, even if the opponent is a newbie, don't ever lose focus. The only highlight was my mage accepting a challenge and KILLING A FIRST CIRCLE KNIGHT!!!How bout that for a moral victory, eh? That was my cushion for feeling bad on losing miserably.Oh well, I'll have my revenge tommorow. A sad day for me, as the phone rang at around 11pm while I was at a netcafe and my mother told me that my uncle died while he was in the progressed of being robbed. I went home shaken and out of sorts, wondering what would happen to my young cousins, both at a young age. Life deals you a card, and you finally find yourself without a father. That sucks bad, I mean as catastrophic bad. The wake is probably this Sunday, and my mother is coming here, possibly with my lola. Damn, a sad time for all of us. As I think upon it, my uncle is the first to pass away and I wonder how in God's name can my lola bear it? She's 75 years old, and losing a son...I shiver at the emotional impact it's going to overcome her. I resolved to stay by her side during the wake, to help her at the least. Damn the fates.


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