Monday, August 11, 2003

Caffeine, Harry Potter and Ragnarok

The clocks ticks at exactly 3:27am and I can't sleep. Friends, I am now a confirmed insomniac, one of nature's nocturnal denizens. My eyelids are in fact getting lighter by the moment as i write this journal.Hmmm...should I lay off the caffeine?Oh well, everyone must have their own poison...I guess.

Having read Harry Potter 5, the Order of the Phoenix, several questions arose. Like who the hell is Luna Lovegood?Yes, we all know her as the story progresses, being a friend of Ginny Weasly and such, but why is she there? She wasn't on the other four books, even on those infamous internet based 'Rough draft of Book 5'. The way i see it, Ms Rowling needed a character to counteract Rita Skeeter and be a another friend to Harry. Hell, Luna's story gets evolved faster then, oh let's say, Neville. Yes, you might argue that Neville's story also got cleared in this book but Neville appeared in all the previous books and interacted in more ways then one on them. But hey, not that to say i didn't like the book. In fact i think it was a great story, I've finished it in one sitting. I just like to point out mild some eye raisers.

Well, enough about books. Today was another typical day. I went to Glorietta and had quality time with the guys over the Nuetral Grounds. After that, played Ragnarok with Leo over at Netopia, GB1. Ragnarok is a Korean Internet game where it was leased (?) to the Philippines. You get to interact with people all over the nation and basically just have a very good time bashing monsters on the net, all while leveling up your persona or avatar to get more stronger to bash more hardy creatures. A testorone driven, male addicting(also a surprising number of females), stress relieving kind of game/chatroom. Very fun and very addicting. Anyways, Gerum called us up in the middle of the game and offered to treat us to a session in SA, but we declined...the lure of Raganrok was too much i guess.



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