Friday, August 29, 2003

The Darkness Within, Accompanied by Sounds of Classical Music, Particularly Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

Yesterday was dark and stormy, and there I was content beyond words, just lounging in front of my PC. The day was freezing by Philippine standards, and I don't give a crap to the poor sobs who actually went out and got themselves trapped by the sudden deluge. In fact, I was grinning smugly at the thought of people standing in top of benches yet still getting their feet wet. Take that you elitist bastards!

Then the lights went out.

The sudden darkness was accompanied by loud noises as I spewed vile profanities to the night, cursing the electric company, the city of Makati, the city mayor and the people I loathe (not that they had anything to do with the blackout, but hey, it felt good at that particular time). After an hour or so of questioning people's heritage and various parts of their anatomy, I sat down in the gloom, relaxed. Now, blackouts are my worst enemy, particularly at night. I can' read shit in the dark, which is usually harrowing experience to me. People who know me see me always with a book in one hand, ready to read in case things get boring. Now I'm bored as hell and can't friggin' read. And I'm alone at home, so I got no one to talk to. Life gets darker and darker by the minute. Here I am all alone, there is no electricity,a thunderstorm is raging outside and I can't read. It took enormous effort not to scream again. Having no choice, I tramped back to my room and waited for sleep's cold embrace. And sleep I did, yet it was interrupted by periodic visits to the bathroom and sudden bites of mosquitos. By the time I woke up, the sun was shining. Yet there was still no friggin' electricity. At least Starbucks is open. And on the coffee shop I went, and stayed there 5 hours, sipping coffee, soaking up the cool air and, of course, reading a book. Ah, the things I do just to recuperate.

Yesterday was also Ice Lady's birthday, and it was kinda fun talking to her again. And there it was, again with the subtle hints. Hmm, should I make my move? There are some things that's stopping me though. One, she comes from a wealthy family. Two, she has the built of a goddess, as she frequently goes swimming and does yoga. Three, there are literally hordes of suitors after her, yet she didn't choose anyone from them. Now, these are some things a guy might think twice before courting a girl, and I'm scared shitless when courting a girl who already has good looking and wealthy suitors. Also, her father is strict, her mother a bit of straight forward feminist and her sisters...well kinda ok I guess. Hmm, maybe I'll tell her before I leave...

Today is Glorietta Mall's Midnight sale, which means Warhammer till midnight. I played two games today, literally pounding the Demons of Slaneesh back to their hell hole with the big guns of the Imperium, massacre victory to the Imperial Guard. Meanwhile, at Fantasy, my Orcs looked towards the fleeing Men of the Empire, yet garnered only a minor victory. Tsk tsk...

My mind was not actually on both games as thoughts of the campaign championship wafted eeringly to my brain. It's gonna be on next saturday, and although I'm not part of the top 4, there is a certain kind of excitement to it. My only chance now is to win best Sportsmanship, which I have a good chance since all my opponents had a good time playing with the Reckless Orc, hehe.

You'll probably wonder why I choose the title above. Well, if you've watch the anime Boys Be, you'd know that on the last episode, the 1812 overture was playing in the background while a young boy pondered on the problem of telling the girl he loves his true feelings or not. Not that I feel exactly the same way, but going home today and looking at the happy couples going here and there tends to give a man something to think about.


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