Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Mars and the Two Towers

Tonight is the night that the planet Mars can be seen clearly, like the size of your pinky's nail. This phenomenon occurs only once in two thousand years, so this is a rare treat indeed. People are now gawking outside, and I did see some few camera flashes as others tried to capture the moment. Me? I took one look at the sky and promptly returned back to the house. It's not that I'm disinterested, in fact I was kinda looking forward to it before. It's just that after staring at Mars for a few moments gets to be kinda boring. I mean it doesn't look that impressive after a while, and if you persist looking at it more would make you look like a short sighted loon.

aving watched the official home video release of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, I can say I am still stunned by the depth of cinematography and translation from the book. I have read the novel (note: it is not a trilogy, it is a book with three parts) when I just still in high school and it was that story that started me going for the fantasy genre. In college, I watched Ralph Bakshi's cartoony adaptation and sadly it just plain sucks...and I despaired of finding a movie that would translate what I would see in my mind. Then along came Peter Jackson, whose vision and accurateness gave me and several fervent fans a chance to see the world of Frodo and Gandalf in the silver screen, and boy we were not disapointed. This is the way it should be, the movie seemed to point out, and there was little cause to criticize the smooth translation. I bow to the man, Peter jackson, who others might think as a madman for embarking on such a perilous undertaking. Why perilous, you might ask? Well, among the bookworms out there, none are the most rabid, the most perfectionistas, the most critical then Tolkien fans. Purist to the core, they demand that each scene be made to match what they see in their mind's eye, and thankfully they weren't disapointed. They would have crucified Peter Jackson if they were, hehe.

People are comparing the movies Harry Potter to the LOTR since they both came out at almost the same time. And people prefer HP to LOTR because of it's way Harry came out the victor at every movie, whereas in the LOTR the first part is tragedy, the second just a huge gigantic battle. In the Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf is assumed to have died, Boromir betrayed the group and also died, and in the end the Fellowship is forced to disband. In The Two Towers, we see Frodo's increasing relationship to the One Ring and is still suffering greatly from resisting the dark whispers. The human nation is also fighting a rearguard action against the orcs, and were finally pinned down in Helm's Deep, suffering great casualties. While this happened in the movie, people should read the books also, since there was some parts that were cut out because of the lenghty dialogue etc. (like the Ent's discussion, which took a very long time in the book). Oh and that too, the difference of HP and LOTR, the books. HP is written in today's style, whereas LOTR was written during the 50's. Of course the writing style is different, yet some people will complain that HP is better then LOTR because it is easy to read. *Sigh*, some people are just too lazy to read the epic novel, and yes while I accept that it is more then just simple reading, it is a rite of passage those fans who wish to experience the fantasy first hand, not just enjoy the movie.


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