Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Orchish Revenge and the Art of Being a Bridge

I feel good! The orcs utterly crushed Glen's Empire, which satified my need for revenge. It was a fun game, even if Glen's Empire performed extremely well, we pounded the humans to the stone age. Kudos to a great guy and player, who accepted his defeat good naturedly. The campaign is going well for me, and I feel that there's a chance for me to enter the semis. Hope to God I get to play, as the prize is an Army Deal worth 10k pesos! Waaaghhhh!!!

I hate/love being a bridge between two people. There are certain kinds of perks and downsides when you become a bridge, especially if you're a building a romantic bridge between two people. It's fun cuz you get to be privy to their secrets and plus, when it's just the three of you alone, you don't feel being a third wheel (well, most of the time AND the fact they must be your closest friends). You also get to be the spokesman of the couple, the outside representative to the inner world they share. It's very fun in some ways.

The only and worst downside to this is when things get crappy and goes straight to hell. Meaning if the couple gets into a fight, quarrel, misunderstanding etc. Then you'll find yourself running to and fro, explaining to one side, lending a shoulder, suffering patiently the cries and shrieks(yes, especially the shrieks). While all this is going on, you're trying to patch things up. Man, this is the most annoying, degrading and exhausting thing you have to do and it takes days, even weeks!

You might think that hey, it's their relationship, let them fix it. Sad truth is that sometimes, however we want ourselves to be the one to fix things with our other half, we usually employ a trusted messenger(the bridge, if one is available). Practicality demands that we use a representative to ensure that no more misunderstandings occur until both parties are ready to talk. I mean would you attempt to talk to your other half in the heat of the moment? Chances are, you might say some things that are not meant and generally, making up becomes a little more impossible.

But overall, being a bridge is worthwhile and self fullfilling. Imagine yourself at 50 years old and saying, "Why back in my younger days, Erin and Josh wouldn't have married if not for me!And as for Bianca, she didn't have the guts to tell the man she loved what she really feels!! I had to...." . Looks nice right? Besides, the number of weddings you'll be attending will numerous(it's all about the food, baby!). Ok, maybe not, but just be sure to buy 50inch waist pants(Tip: garter waist pants rocks!).

I do hope I've explained enough to you guys out there, and I also hope that it would explain some things why I've been in the middle of these supposed to be private thingies. But hey, you could always say that this is none of my fucking business and I would gladly leave. It's your life right?

Oh yeah, this goes out to the people who I have the pleasure of sharing their lives briefly or otherwise(to the people here who have broken up, it was fun while it lasted, eh?): May and Wee, Ryan and Carms, Marian and Eric, Richard and Camille, Jr and Karen, Anne and Doods, Therese and Mike, Francis and April, Chat and Sheena, Mercedes and Patch, Jim and Kai...and whole other couples I probably forgot through shock theraphy. Some relationships are not meant to be remembered...

Especially, especially, especially to Earl and Gigi..., who even after the initial breakup, keeps me running back and forth like a ping pong ball. This goes out to you both with fondest reminisces and deepest regrets(although not always, hehe)


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