Friday, August 15, 2003

Ragnarok, Floods, the Girl and Bittersweet Reunion

There is this thing about Ragnarok that is so addicting. The graphics are only par, 2D avatars on 3D a background, sound is only restricted to midis, the dialogue 1st grade english and has no strategy. It's nothing more then a hack and slash game, with no running story or subplots. Yet, it is soooooo addicting I keep playing for more, even as i write this journal while my avatar regains HP.

Ragnarok, for those who don't know the game and for those who don't play, is Korean leased game here in the Phil. It's kinda like Online, only its graphics are Anime persuasion. I think what made the game popular here, and any online game for that matter, is that it's ability to connect people over large distances and bond them in a way that they have to cooperate to survive. Considering trust is a rare commodity these days, its a wonder that people watch each others back in the game even if they dnt know the person. It's kinda cool when you put it in that perspective, seeing all the stuff that's been happening in the world. It's not the question that people trust each other less these days, but rather how much trust are we willing to sacrfice. Same goes with all the areas in life, like love, friendship, work etc. But once trust is established, even more reason is needed to keep that trust sacred. Thus the cycle of a broken trust goes on and on. If we learn to trust completely, maybe, just maybe people would react in the same manner. But hey, Im just being optimistic here.

Manila is famous for getting flooded, as I went home barefoot in the murky water with shoes in one hand and my bag on another. Constant construction, although makes the road better (for a few months at least), causes these sudden floods. We're probably the only city in the world where it is considered a METROPOLIS yet, gets flooded frquently enough to turn it into Venice. I applaud the government for useless efforts they made to curb the situation, since they are just to busy counting their money.

I recieve quite a few messages on who was the girl who was with me during the thunderstorm. Ok, she's a close friend, practically more then a crush so to speak, but we decided to be just friends (this not is not showbiz, honestly!). She lives here in Makati. That's all you're gonna get, ok?

Saturday is the wake of my uncle who died, and it's funny that all my uncles and aunts gather again to be together for the first time in 5 years. I supposed some kind of reunion is on hand, probably with mixed feelings. IN case you're asking, my next post would be on monday, since i'll be damned tired when I get back.


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