Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Starship Troopers, the Filipino Version

Today is dark and gloomy, with thunderstorms raging the whole nation. I can't go out for the streets look like Venice on the a bad day, where the all the garbage collectors suddenly took a vacation and left for warmer climates. With nothing to do, I reconciled myself to an afternoon of movie marathon and reached for my collection of VCDs, randomly took out a movie and played it on my PC. Ok, Starship Troopers. Hmmm, watched this a bazillion of times, but hey, better then nothing. As the movie progressed, my mind wandered into the book with the same title. Now, the book and the movie don't actually coincide, as most book based movies do. The book was written by Robert Heinlan and most the story is about the society of the future, with the war of the bugs is just a sidelight. The wierd part is, aside from the different storylines, is that the main character is Filipino. You won't actaully find out till the very end of the book, where he comments about Ramon Magsaysay and his native language, Tagalog. Then on the movie, the protagonist is from Buenos Aires. Hmmm...I could call it being racist, but hey, its just a freakin movie, although a somewhat so-so one. Looking at it on a different light, if the main character is a Filipino, the movie would be cut in half, not 2 hours and 30 minutes long. I mean, who better to kill big ass roaches then a Filipino? Judging by the size we get here in Philippines, we would be more then capable of cleansing a planet full of bugs with just a dozen of guys armed with extra large tsinelas. How's that for a thought? Hehe, seriously though, the book is better then the movie, and expounds the merits of discipline and honor. Having that thought, I turned off the movie and took out the book. As they say, reading books is better then watching a movie, particularly if the movie somewhat offends your sense of rightness.


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