Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Army Men and Guitar History

Corporal: "Sir, the skies are clear and the hill secured; there won't be anymore enemy patrols going through us, sir."

Captain: "Very good corporal. Deploy our own patrols to scout ahead, just in case we encounter enemy snipers. Assume standard recon procedure and sweep the area clean. Meanwhile, ask the sergeant to do a guard roster on this hill, using the reserve units."

Corporal: "Sir, which active unit would be chosen for the recon?"

Captain: "Platoon 314, The Jungle Devils. They would be perfect, since they know this territory. Ask their lieutenant to proceed with caution and mark down the sites for sniper cover. We need those nuetralized."

Corporal: "Yes sir, I'll get right on it."

This is what happens when I'm bored as hell and can't for one minute think of anything interesting to do, much less write about. Hence the intro above. I was thinking of doing a diorama scene of a futuristic King of the Hill/Battle of the Bulge type where the advance platoon, actually took the hill while the area is still alive with enemy troops. Ah well, this just might be my entry to the diorama contest in the Nuetral Grounds Anniversary Tournament.

I had a talk with Guitar Dude, and he say's it a great idea to form a band again when I get back in the province. Although we're gonna be an acoustic band, it's fun to get into the spotlight again and perform in front of a crowd. As by January next year, if we can get our act together, we'll be performing in bars and clubs. Since me and Guitar Dude go way way back, we don't have no qualms about each other. We did really well when we were still a full band years back, I doubt there's gonna be problems jiving together. Ah, the thrill of handling a guitar with a bevy of cute ladies in front of you...what male could resist that right?


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