Saturday, September 13, 2003

The Best Day Ever!

The event started around 10am, yet every RO addict was already there at the Glorietta Activity Center to sign up at the registration booth. It was totally AWESOME, with Kafra's walking around in their short skirts talking to the gamers about the games for the day to the people walking around in costumes, already showing the crowd their own homemade creations for the CosPlay Event. Everybody had a good time, with Moonstar 88 capping off the event at the end. It was one of the best days I had, and I got a lot of pictures that I wish I could post here. I aslo get to meet the people behind the avatar, and I can say it fits their personality inside the game. Hmmm...maybe when I got my site up and ready, I'll get the pics and post them there. Oh well, let's just see...

Tonight is our Dungeons and Dragons weekly sessions, and since I didn't post anything yesterday since I had to sleep early to wake up for the event, I decided that to write at least Ragnarok. Man, I can't stop thinking about the game; you could probably say I'm a certified addict and it's probabaly true. I play the Merchant class in the game, and I can truly say it's a rewarding experience for me...not to mention the different types of people you get to meet while doing your job...most especially the newbies who don't know which is which and does something that makes you want to weep or throw your hands in disgust. Ah, it's better then chatting over the net or sending emails to one another. I even see a group of students doing their homework in one of the non-aggresive maps, doing all sorts of calculations. It beats calling just one person, and the appeal of having a conference session where you get to discuss your answers with not just one but a group of people. It also beats chatting like Mirc etc. because for the picturesque value where you see your avatar actually speak " No, the answer is 10/34 over 5% time the multiple of 3's..."

All in all, I had fun and I'm going to have fun still; actually, my players are screaming now to shut the damn PC off and start the game; I'm the DM kasi eh and I'm going to oblige them now by finishing this short entry.

Blood for the Blood God!!!*

*Khorne Berserker's Warcry




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