Sunday, September 07, 2003

The Dreaded Word

I went out this weekend with some friends at a acquintance's house. It was fun and I got to rekindle some old friendships. Anyway, there is certain girl who I'll call Sweet...oh crap, that's my ex pet name. Hmmm, I'll call her Cuddlybear. We got together good, since we already know each, I know her ex-BF and we've been sharing stories over the years that I was here in Manila. I've been her big brother ever since. Anyways, we've always kissed each other on the cheek whenever we meet, a friendly bro-sis one, and there was no exception today as I was surprised and wasn't expecting her to join the weekend out. It was kinda cool the way the way she flicked her hair and the way she moved...but I'm getting ahead of myself. To make it short, when we went home and I was getting off the bus, she planted a big wet one on the cheek, the kind that makes you weak in the knees. I wasn't expecting it at time and was kinda shocked. Then she said, "Take care always, Kuya AM."


That seemingly innocent word is the bane of all men, just when you think you're good and ready to proclaim your love, she steals away the moment by declaring with those puppy eyes that she couldn't get through life without her Kuya or Big Bro. And then she relives some of the memories where you yourself had to fend off unwanted suitors, pick her up because her BF and her had a fight or something etc. Not that I feel that way strongly to Cuddlybear, although the way she kissed me gave me hopes...until of course, the Kuya Factor. Ah well, better luck next time.

I did have some experience with courting a close friend with that big bro-sis relationship, and it ended badly. I mean really bad. I had to rebuild the friendship from ground up and it took me some agonizing years. It happened quite a few times with me when I just can't seem to hold myself when crossing the line of frienship. That's why I know better now then to destroy that trust, unless of course the object of my affection is sending out strong signals, I mean really strong ones, the kind where there's a bolt of lightning attached. Oh well...

Saturday morning was the championship and no one was disappointed as both armies clashed right through the center. The Bretonnians, led by Sir Bobby himself, made a crucial roll and won the game by sheer luck. He is truly blessed by the Lady of the Lake. Kudos to the champion and the other players who participated in this massive campaign. I wished that this website offers us to post pictures but then again I can't have anything in this world.


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