Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Euro-Tour? I'm Am Not Interested...Honestly...Yes, I'm Sure....Very Sure...Promise....

Today my parents are leaving for Europe, poor little me can't join them. Not that I care. I'm not the one who wants to see old castles, how boring is that, di' ba ? I'm not the type who would trudge down museums and making little sounds of pleasure and awe as I gazed upon the works of Leonardo da Vinci, peer into the works of famous painters and sit down somewhere in Paris soaking up the the culture. No, that's not definitely me. Nope. Not ever.


I WANNA GO TO EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok, now I'm composed and in control of myself. What, me go to Europe? Are you kidding? What the hell am I going to do there? Aside from looking at the relics and artifacts and statues and medieval architecture and .... ok, that's enough. You get the picture.

Well, I didn't get to be top four in the campaign, but nevertheless, I really enjoyed it immensely. And because this the first week of the month, I got my allowance PLUS some extra cash to buy gifts fo my cousins...hmmm, will I be play the forgetful kuya? Hmmm...

The top four players met up at Nuetral Grounds GHQ to submit their army list and it turned into a pre game gathering of sorts. Tactics were discussed, opinions were aired, strategies were planned etc. Having lost my willpower, I bought a new box of Goblin Wolf Riders to add to my army. Hmmm...sorry dear cousins, looks like you'll be getting just a standard gift, nothing too spectacular or the things you want.

After the meeting engagement of generals, I went home by the usual route and again my willpower lost control and I just had to buy a couple of Nude Dimensions CDs (I would recommend this mind relaxing tunes as your background music whenever there's of the female persuasion around, hehe ). Hmmm...sorry dear cousins, but your kuya seemed to forgot the gifts as he was stressed at school and the hectic city life. Hmmm...it just might work, hehe.

After the music store, I went home by the way of Greenbelt Mall, my usual walking route. It's friday, and I really love/hate passing through the bar areas of the mall. Let me tell you, there are lots and lots of beautiful women out there in that particular time. While I don't object to a long admiring look at a lady, having them in huge droves tend to overload the senses and revert your mind back to baby mode, the state where you make Ga-ga Go-go sounds and drool most the time. Especially if they're all wearing really tight clothes that would have been banned in the outer provinces. Ye gads, why do I torture myself so?


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