Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I AM INVINCIBLE!!!....Except On Certain Days...

Ok, now that my sickness has reached its peak, I'm beginning to notice that my powers of recuperation seemed to go down like a tiger on prozac. I'm still susceptible to dizziness and headaches, plus there's this cluster of boils on left arm, which is just oh-so-gross. I get sick only once a year, but when I get sick extra bad things happen to me, even if the primary sickness is just a flu. Last year, when I had a fever, Fate decided to me give me also a LBM and a wierd case of sneezes ( Ever sneezed the National Anthem? I did that, and it sucks big time...hmmm, maybe the word here is blow instead of suck ). Now, I have this fever with boils PLUS sore throat. I guess that's the price I pay for near immunity in the other days. I have a theory that my body is only susceptible to diseases during the monhs of September or January. If I don't get sick on Jan, then its gonna be on Sept 100% sure. But during other days or months I tend to shrug off weather, floods or epidemics like nothing. Once, I went home in a stormy day with a waist high flood to boot( which is so dirty even by roaches' standard ). Nothing happened of course, although I did hear on the news that there was a Dengue epidemic going on. Or even walking home for a week in the rain ( mind you, this is tropical weather, meaning sunny on the morning then tornados in the afternoon ). Anyways, I digress. People tend to ramble on when they're sick.

Right now, I'm watching Chobits, a funny anime series where in a farmboy goes to the big city to study and suddenly falls in love with a Persocon or robot friend/servant( there's a classic Isaac Asimov taint here ). It's superb series actually, with a deeper meaning hiding in the series. Plus, it's hilarious when the protagonist had to buy a pantie for the Persocon. I would really recommend it to people who are useless in the game of love, to guys who blush at the word "underwear" and to folks who just like a good series to watch.


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