Tuesday, September 02, 2003

A Little Rain Goes A Long Way...

5:00 am: Rain in Manila, the type that's light and smooth to the touch. Another day of wetness, yet appealing since it's a cool atmosphere. Watched the drizzle for a few moments, then went back to bed.

9:00 am: Still raining, yet this time it changed from a drizzle to a normal kind of rain, the kind you get where there's no definite definition. Watched the infamous street holes of Manila get filled for a few moments, then again went back to bed.

1:00 pm: Strong winds now accompany the downpour, this time filling the city streets itself of water, again transforming Manila into a broken down waterway, kinda like Venice after being hit by a nuclear bomb. The nation declared a no-school day, to the delight of everybody...except probably the nerds. After eating a light lunch, went back up to the room and fell asleep again.

6:00 pm: The weather turned serious this time, as gales strong enough to overcome Miriam D. Santiago's voice shrieked through the water filled city streets. The nation again sent out a call of storm signal no. 2, with the probility of getting to no.3 in a few hours. Watched the roaches run for higher ground, with rats as big as your arms right behind them, pausing once in a while to munch on the sudden roach buffet spread. Ah, even rats have their days. After a few moments, trudged back up the room and slept again.

10:00 pm : The storm seems to be subsiding to the normal kind of rain, yet still with no signs of letting up. Oh well, at least the electricity is still on, which is kinda wierd because when there's a storm, the electricity is always cut off. Turned on the PC and played Ragnarok, then doing this journal. So what does this stormy day teach me? After all that has happened this day, I conclude that sleeping with three pillows is better then two. Particularly fluffy ones.

Pillows: Large Big One's by Kish
Bed: Japanese Style Floor Bed, also by Kish
Song for the Day: Sleep All Day by Jason Mraz

Another typical day in rainy Manila.


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