Thursday, September 11, 2003

Meteor Crap: Episode 176 - The Phone Call

I thought it was gonna be another typical day the moment I woke up when suddenly my phone rang. It was the Dao Ming Shoes, and he told me that the Ice Lady has been rushed to the hospital with a serious case of dengue fever. Naturally I called her up as soon as Dao finished talking with me. It goes something like this...

*Ring Ring

Me: Hello? Hey! What happened?! Are you okay?

Ice Lady: (Surprised) Um, yeah, I'm kinda ok...although a little tired I guess...

*Sounds of people moving back and forth on the background

*Busy people by the noise of things (I can mentally see the nurses doing their work)

Me: So when are you getting out? Ice Lady:(Again very surprised) Um, around 5 or 6pm I guess...

Me: What?! Already?!! So was it just a fluke or something?

Ice lady:(This time very confused) Huh? Whatever do mean?

Me: Di' ba you were diagnosed with dengue right? That you were rushed to the hospital nga daw eh.

Ice Lady: What!! But I'm here right now at PICC, we're having a company event!

At this point, Ice Lady is laughing so hard at me, trying to explain that it her kid bro, not her who had dengue. By this time I'm red as a tomato, at least I wasn't doing this face to face. Ah, well... although one good thing I got was that she told me it was sweetest thing that happened to her, I mean calling her up and be concerned and all, even though it was just a mistake. Hmm...extra pogi points I guess. I'm seriously thinking that courting her is not such a hard time after all...then again we'll just see.

Wah Lang Shoelace, Dao Ming Shoes' partner in crime also sent me a message later in the afternoon to come at a birthday party of a mutual friend, which is tommorow. I can see another loud reunion again...hehe... You see I'm part of a group of four friends here in Manila. We are leaders in one particular communinty and obviously got together very well. There was me, Dao Ming Shoes, Wah Lang Shoelace and Vah Ness Mu ( if you get the joke then good, if not...then sucks to be you!!! Hehe, joke! Hint: Meteor Crappy Garden ). Brief personalities: Dao is an emotional extrovert yet very passionate when it comes to ideals, Wah is an emotional airhead yet the joker of the group and Vah is weird introvert yet our leader of sorts. Me, I'm just the loud mouthpiece, yet full of wisdom ( At this point my pet hamster violently disagrees and does retching's that for loyalty? ). Well, anyways, Dao and Wah got different assignments and got shipped to different positions. Me and Vah got together to train our replacements when our time me leaving this December. Now, tommorow we're gonna see each other again and I imagine that stored memories will be dredged up again to be waved around, add more stuff to it and finally slapped to our faces. Me, I'm rehearsing a couple of instances to spring upon them, thereby hoping to embarress them for another time...before they embarress me first. Hehe... we'll just see what happens tommorow I guess.


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