Sunday, September 28, 2003

Solitary Confinement

Ok, I'm still stuck in my room since the weather is bad outside and I don't want to go back to being sick. At the very least, my only consolation is the books I bought when my parents were here, having nothing left to do to escape boredom. And read I go...

On this coming Friday we're going to reenact the battle of Helm's Deep in promotion of LOTR minis. Handling the Human and Elven Alliance would be Sir Alex, number 3 player and generally the 'rules lawyer' in our area. The Orchish Horde would be handled by yours truly, and I plan to totally win and reversing what happened in the books. The playing area is set in the actual Helm's Deep table. The diorama is gorgeous to behold, the exact replica of place as in context with the movie. I can't wait till I do battle and bloody some elven noses.

Having read George R. R. Martins's masterpiece Song of Ice and Fire series, I was drawn to the Game of Thrones CCG , which was based on. The game itself is simple, kinda like a medieval L5R, although with easier rules and faster gameplay. There 5 Houses to choose from: House Stark, those who wish to win by brute force; House Greyjoy, the only house which dominates the key location cards; House Lannister, for the those who want to win by treachery and intrigue; House Baratheon, whose knights gain glory and honor faster then any house; and finally House Targaryen, the house which specializes in killing characters. Although being a great fan of House Stark, I chose Targaryen just for the sole reason of dragons, which they can access exclusively. After a few games, I find that it's different from other CCG's in terms of winning and playing the game. Killing a character does not exactly mean you're on the road to victory; indeed I find my monster rare card Great Khalasar destroyed yet I was able to snatch victory by a mere dint of 5 power points. Oh yes, there is no life points in The Game of Thrones, you win by getting 15 power points total on both your house and characters. Very familiar if you play L5R or maybe even Dune.


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