Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Tired to the Bones 2: No Marrows to be Found Inside Them

There's something very weird about my PC. For the past month I have lost my motherboard driver and hence can't have any sound on my computer. Then, just now, after downloading the necessary files from the net, I find my CD-ROM drive is non-existant; it actually disappeared from my computer's hardware profile and registry. Hmmm, there's a conspiracy here. Pausing a moment to relax, I looked back the past years and discovered that my PC will only run when it is only 90% operational, meaning I have to sacrifice a hardware in order for the system to work. There were times that my modem was shot yet the PC was fine or when my video card running amok yet nevertheless continued to surf the net despite the black, white and somewhat greenish tinge on the screen. Hmmm, I'll hopefully correct the problem soon...as soon as I get my lazy ass on it.

As predicted, I stayed home all day, yet did not sleep all through out. Just spent the day doing quality time with my babies ( my figures of course ), painting them up and polishing their steel parts to shine. The game has been moved tomm, so I have some extra time to finish doing up my army.

All in all, another typical rainy day, yet so tiring because I had to repair my PC ( had to open them up, fix something inside, then hook them up again...for 25 times at least! ) and then painting using what's left of my energy. Hmmm, hopefully tommorow I might have more stories to tell. Just not now. Cuz I'm too frickin' tired.


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