Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Tree of Secrets

"Raindrops keep falling on my head...
Ta ra tat ta tata tata tara ta ta..."
( Goddamn, I still don't know the friggin' lyrics )

You guess it, it still raining here here in Sunny Manila! Jeez, when will this ever end?! Hay naku...

Anyways, being trapped in your house tends to make you muse of certain times in the past. This particular time is of course during High School where I was young and innocent..before that enlightening episode in third year of course...hay... Now in my HS days, there was this certain tree that stands near the basketball court and somewhere beyond the flagpole. There was no particular thing about this tree, nothing extraordinary at all. But if that tree can talk, man, you'll never run out of stories from it. Because that tree, a simple and unassuming mango tree, is and was privy to all the secrets of the students in the school. Rumors, intrigues, not-so-nice stories, earth-shattering revelations, quiet name it, the tree heard it. During my time there, I also witnessed some of these events with the tree, since it was the tambayan of the barkada. The tree itself also survived lots of disasters like heavy winds, extreme heat, being flooded by both the storms and the weeping of girls who were broken hearted and being punched in the trunk by boys in a fit of jeolousy. Not to mention the number of times it had been climbed up, its branches torn by those stubborn people who, while fat, insist of climbing the tree ( Yea gods, now that I mentioned it, I was one of those stubborn people...ouch ). Remebering all this made me think if the tree was still there, after...what? 6 years since I graduated? Yep that's about right. A quick call to an old friend assured me the tree still stands, though she was puzzled as to be asked a weird question. Nothing, I said to her somewhat abruptly and cut off the connection quickly. Hmmm...maybe when I get home this Christmas, I'll visit the old alma mater. See the renovated HS building and, of course, visit the tree.

Oh, thanks for the messages some people sent me, it's kinda encouraging and satisfying that I am not alone in going through the same experiences. For those who don't know how to send me a message, there's a little symbol down the page where it say in a not so subtle tone " LEAVE ME A MESSAGE ". I'm actually encouraging people to leave me something, like comments and violent reactions, hehe. Tell your friends people, and I would be most appreciative.


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