Wednesday, September 24, 2003

A Week of Hellish Torture

Ok, last week I was sicked as drunk duck, and been subject to almost all common diseases known to man. High fever, racking cough, extreme dizziness, huge throbbing migraine etc. You name it, I got it multiplied by ten. The pain is so intense, I didn't passed out. I didn't get much sleep at all because of it. Nothing could be more agonizing then this sick state I was in.

Then I went to the hospital.

Man, if I only had the energy to kick, scream and bite my way out of that place I've would done so. But as of that day, I was put in a wheelchair and was reduced to mouthing profanities. I have nothing against hospitals, only just the prodding and examinations and stuff that usually goes with it. And the needles, man I hate needles. I have this really big phobia about them and sticking one into me would result in me bawling worthy of an infant who hasn't been fed for three days. As it was, I actually sat there in my cold wheelchair like an oversized limpet, making no noise except for an occasional whimper when they stuck things at me. Having been confined to a super sanitized room ( the smell of disfectant was so strong that my toenails almost curled up ), I was not really looking forward for a week of boredom. Yes, there's a TV, but as my country is what it is, the channels are tuned in at tele-nolevas, which I would rather choke myslef to death then watched another cheesy, crappy nonsense series. Believe me, I watched one series at the behest of my ex and I'll tell you to get prepared by the wierd plot, counterplot, intrigue and exchanging of babies in the hospital. Oh yes, almost all Filipino Series follow this plot, with variations ranging from evil twins, estranged fathers, bitchy mothers etc. And that's just the main character's maid!!! The plot of the main character/ main characters are more involuted, skeptical and bordering on the fantastic. Then again in retrospect, it's almost describes everybody's life here in Manila. It's so surreal that you believe it with all your heart and it actually comes true. Most of the time though, it's mainly tragic disasters and that is actually the theme of all tele-novelas. Makes me think if there was a Greek expedition that made it to the Philippine Islands long ago and inflicted this curse on us. Ah well...

Anyway, I was there lying in my bad and contemplating a plan to escape from the hospital. Should I fake my death? Nah, too common. Hmm, how about I seduce the nurse? Wouldn't work, all the nurses at this floor are male. Jump off the window? I could do that I guess, but the air pollution would kill me first. Ah well, I guess I'll just bide my time, and at least my aunt got me some books to read. Let me tell you, it was the most excrutiating three days in my life, and nothing could top this one. Then the phone rang...

It was my dad.

They're coming back from Europe the next day.

And he told me that my brothers are also coming here to visit.

What the fuck?!!

Did I do something really bad as too have deserve this? My parents are a trial to me alone, add the fact my brothers are coming lends a certain horror to my existance. Oh, and I'm sick as hell too. At this point, my brain went to freeze mode and the sub program kicked in to answer dad's questions in grunts and half answers. Pleading weakness, I got him off the phone in a minute and contemplated on the insanity that was about to happen. Suicide looks nice at this point, or maybe getting signed up in the army to be destined in Basilan to face the guerilla fanatics over there was actually looking to be a logical answer to all of life's mysteries.

But I am a man. I must face life unbowed and unbroken, able to take on anything. Yeah right, like anything good happened to them. Don't believe me? Look at all the heroes. They're venerated and worshiped and admired. Yet they're dead. In the most horrible possible way imagined.

So it was, I faced Fate in the face, cursing and spitting. Having no choice yet strangely relaxed ( you know, this phenomena usually occurs when something bad is about to happen. All your senses become heightened, and the mind clears of all things except the task at hand. This also happens when you're about to die ), I checked out of the hospital, fetched them at the airport the next day and did my duty and role as the first son by carrying all their luggages and shopping bags. Altogther it wasn't a bad weekend and I did get to buy a few books for me. The only thing annoying is the fact that they're asking for my opinion as a guide AND totally ignoring an advice I gave them. Arrrghhh....

They went home last Sunday and I spent the last two days recuperating in my room and catching up on lost sleep. I woke up somewhat noonish this day and went straight away to the hobby store. And it so happened I met this chick late this afternoon and I can say I'm impressed by the way she talked about certain intellectual stuff. I'll probably ask her out if we meet again. Hey, brains impressed me, and I would rather date a good conversionalist then a some bimbo who'd stare at something and make inane comments like " Do you think this dress will make me look fat?"



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