Friday, October 31, 2003

All Hallows Eve: Morbid Thoughts and Animarathon

All Hallows Eve.

Or, in the bastard tounge, Halloween.

People are now waiting for the stroke of midnight to revel and dance in their homemade costumes, preparing to get drunk in the process of course. And greeting each other a happy holloween.

What's happy about holloween by the way? Well, since it's other common name is Feast of the Dead, and since the by-word there is 'feast', then technically there's supposed to be food, dancing and other stuff that usually goes with it. And that's just the 'living' point of view. What if you're dead? It's supposed to be your party right? But if your dead, you cant actually feast since the food would just go through. Can you imagine the embarresment of a wraith sucking up spagetti and it all ends up the floor? And these kinds of parties tend to be somber state of affairs, unless of course howling banshees are invited.

Getting back though, the purpose of Holloween is to celebrate the dead and proclaiming their honors during the past lives. The tradition was abandoned over the years, or should I politely say, evolved to some degree. Today, people celebrate the dead because they are dead and gave them honors for giving so much to living, which in some cases involve inheritance and other mucho freebies. Pathetic yet true.

Me, I'm gonna hole up the whole weekend here at my room, and finally get to have that much awaited anime marathon. Since the malls and other people places will be closed for the holidays, being prepared on what to do for a couple of days really does wonders. Some people go to beaches and mountains, others go to the cemeteries to pray. While all of that goes on, I'm watching Spike Spiegel kick serious butt in Cowboy Bebop, Kentaro Oe get his butt kicked in Golden Boy and finally watch more butt action with Naru Narusegawa and Urd in Love Hina and Oh My Goddess respectively. Oh, and probably watch Vash the Stampede shoot bad guys in the unedited Trigun Series if I have more time. In a side note, Cartoon Network does not do justice to the Trigun Series, having cut more scenes then the MTRCB. And I won't go into the Neon Evangelion Series, in which CN cut 26 scenes in the FIRST episode alone. So much for freedom of expression.

Hobby Girl asked me out to go to a cafe where she sings in a band last Thursday, but I chickened out, pleading babysitting with my cousins. The real reason is that she already has a boyfriend and she's with her friends whom I don't know any of them. And there's something to be said about men not seeing other women who are attached, and it's called honor, although in some cases blatant stupidity. Anyways, having not to go really sucks inside, though I'm not really sure why. Maybe next time when she asked me again. Take note that she's the one asking, not me, so that gives me a minor precedent of technically getting to see her, even if she has a BF. Now if that was the other way around then it would be a different thing, right? Ah well, when you wait, sometimes the bus arrives to pick you up, though most of the time it just passes you by leaving you freezing in the rut. Story of my life I guess.

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