Friday, October 10, 2003

Dog Tired

Whew, I'm tired to the bone. The day started innocently enough when the clouds suddenly bunch together to do a simple thuderstorm. Now this is Friday night, and I'm usually dressed up and I find myself walking in mud and water. Oh well...Life's a bitch sometimes.

Did my project and stuff, then went on to defend my proposed outline to a trio of blood sucking...este... very vigorous teachers. Life becomes a little more bitchy.

Went to the Hobby Store today and did as we planned, although Glenn back out at the last minute. Which means a three way bash between me, Alex and Kim. Hmmm, I came out close second, I could have won actually but hey, maybe next week since we decided it will just a preliminary for the Four Way Mania. Life at this point mellows down, thank God!!

After the game, watched American Pie 3, which I think is cool although its kinda weird without Mena Suvari and that guy she usually partners with. My thoughts? Not actually a Junk Food movie, it had some nice philosophical touches, that is if you get past the cursing and double meaning. Life now needs a lot of rest, whew...

I'm really tired so I'll mosy down my beloved bed and sleep.

State of Mind: Fuzzy and Light Headed


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