Friday, October 10, 2003

Everything is Falling into Place, Which Means Something Must Be Wrong

Arrrrgh!! I can't freakin write well when there's a lot of stuff hanging on my head that needs immediate attention. Add to the fact I had to pick up the Siren Sisters at the airport, I'm so downtrodden now I make roadkill look nice. Sheesh...

The Siren Sisters. Ah, everything is coming into place, as they agreed to be the vocals of our band again when I come back to the province. We go way way back, from the start actually with Guitar Dude. Now, bringing back the band from the grave is some sort of weird reunion, since we stop being a group last 6 years ago. I'm thinking that Mr. Fate had something to do with this, so I'll try to tread softly. Anyways, the Fourth Siren had a school thingy here in Manila, hence the reason of her coming here. The Second Siren works here in Manila and is also coming back next year to start over a new job(Hmmm, Fate smells bad this time).

There are 6 Sirens, all sisters, although only the 2nd, 4th and 5th regularly joined us those past years ago (the others helped during major events). They are powerful vocalists, with me and Guitar Dude taking care of the guitars and bass respectively. The last member of our little group is our drummer, who Guitar Dude laugingly calls Kartonista. Not because he's a artist or such but he lifts crates and kartons as a side job. Get it? Sometimes, I wonder at the Dude's sense of humor.

There's so many coincidences these week that I fear I'm going clairvoyant or crazy, probably both. Ah well, as they say, ignorance is bliss, so I'll try to ignore them...unless I see an advantage of course, hehe.

Anyways, I'm gonna shut up now as the hounds of paperwork are after me.

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