Saturday, October 11, 2003

The First and Only

Having just finished Dan Abnett's really really excellent novel First and Only, I find myself doing digesting what I just read. Well, the book was about interstellar warfare, coupled with deceit, intrigue and basically lots of people dying. The protagonist, Commisar-Colonel Ibram Gaunt, leads a regiment of soldiers whose world, Tanith, was destroyed and hence making them vagabonds with nowhere to go, except probably to die in some unknown planet. They are ghosts so to speak, taking up the regimental name Tanith 1st, or as some say, Tanith First and Only. Also nicknamed as Gaunt's Ghosts, Ibram led them from one hellish world to another, succeeding in impossible odds, actually making them famous and respected. But their numbers grow smaller every battle; now they are at most only three thousand stong. They are the first, the last and the only ones left of their world.

Desperate men do desperate things they say, but men with nothing to lose achieved more. Thus it is I think the reason why these guys survived. They have no world to come back, no families to attend to yet still went on fighting because their leader, Ibram, saved them several times and more, so it's a form of payment, to give everything you have to the person you owe the most. In this they have a reason to continue on, or at the very least give glory to their lost homeworld.

Hmm, coming back from my reverie, I noticed that the skies have darkened yet again and, as suspected, began to pour a few minutes later. Great, another day of rain. Good thing I have nothing planned for this day, nothing that presses me go outside at least. Sighing at the weather and giving Mother Nature a look, I went back doing what I loved the most, hehe. Reading while eating. Hmmm, I think this is one the reasons I'm chubby even if I walked at least 3 kilometers a day. Everytime I read, there has to be something in my mouth, chewing a burger or gulping down a cola; kinda like a odd behavior of sorts, or idiocranysies if you will. Well, everyone has their quirks.

Now listening to: Filthy by Stephen Speaks
State of Mind: Tired yet Happy (Because I finished a good book)
Hours used to finished First and Only: 16 hours
Weight of food consumed while reading First and Only: 10-20 pounds


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