Friday, October 03, 2003

It's Not How You Think or Speak, It's What You're Wearing...

Hmm, got out of bed and looked outside. Wow, no rain! I stretched out my hand outside my window. Cool, not even warm!!! Wait...does this bode bad tidings?!! Ah, well...we'll find out soon enough I guess.

Since today is Friday, I usually dress up to be marginally presentable to the Friday Night Crowd. While being used to be in a university where wearing your pajamas while attending your classes is the norm, my wardrobe consist solely of shorts, t-shirts and maybe one or two polo shirts. After being snatch up and dumped unceremoniously here in Manila, I find myself in need of a new wardrobe, since the elitist bastards here don't take you seriously if you're dressed like a hillbilly. Look at certain groups like rockheads, skater dudes, hiphop people, weird artistic assholes etc. They at least get respect no matter how they dressed, even if it's so out of this world. It must be the groupie factor. If you're part of that minority group, it at least gives you an excuse to dressed up like a bum and maybe pierced yourself with earrings all over your body. Yet, this different minorities still get respect, even if it's from fear, awe, or certain courage to be what you are. The only minority that's so ostracized is the "probinsyanos" or in plain english, the hillbillies. Being a true probinsyano myself, I actually experienced firsthand those misguided misconceptions about my life as one. Which one reason I really hate elitist people, cuz they categorize you as "one of those guys from the mountains", which is naive, stupid and have no class.

Ah well, I guess that world needs to be peopled with such high opinions of themselves. At least gives me a reason to write stuff about.


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