Friday, October 10, 2003

Jogging Blues

I have been started jogging since last week now, and I honestly say it's tiring as hell. During my HS days I can run like 10 kilometers without breaking a sweat. Now, running 10 paces is murder to the respiratory system. It's a joy to be getting older eh? The bones crumble and the muscles atrophy, yet the the mind gets sharper. Still, waking up in the dead of morning (4am, really!) and breathing the sweet smell of unpolluted air is really invigorating.

When I jog though, I get this feeling I'm transported to realm of Resident Evil series. I mean the whole place is deserted, like a ghost town. My route usually takes me to Ayala Ave. to Pasay Road and back to De la Rosa St. And it's kinda weird seeing these places empty as a Med Rep's soul ( yes, you people who would sell your own mother just to reach your quota ). So I'm jogging alone, in the middle of the road, passing a occasional sleeping security guard when suddenly I find myself hearing the sound of people. Lots of them by the sound of it. Curious, I drew closer till I saw a bunch of well dressed folks in the process of getting drunker, since they seem to be already well filled with spirits. It was then I realized that I'm near Greenbelt, where the party, for them I guess, never stops. Ah well, everyone of us has their thing, and if you like partying and drinking where in the process destroys your brain cells and eventually kills the brain, then more power to you. God knows there are enough pretentious bastards running around.

Veering back to the silent streets and soaking up the ambience ( and the morning dew of course ), I finally found myself with a fellow morning jogger. The guy is old and is a veteran I think, judging by his marathon attire. I greeted him good morning of course, being a little happy in seeing a kindred soul. What he did is he just grunted and kept on jogging.

Going off board here for a moment. Whatever happened to good manners and right conduct? For example, you are walking around in a mall shopping when some stranger suddenly greets you good morning, evening etc? Don't you greet back? Or you just walk away bewildered and mulling over on who the fuck that was who greeted you? Or do you reply kindly? Sadly, the latter option never occurs to most people. And here's the thing. When a foreigner greets us brown skinned people we automatically reply with good nature. What da fuck? Why do we have to be polite to the white skinned dogs and not polite to out own people? Did they do us a favor or something? Another thing is when you greet a filipino stranger good day, he or more especially a she gives you a look and totally assumes that you have bad manners ...

... ... ... ... ...

Ok, I promise not swear again but the fact that saying good day is a breach of ettiquete and really bad conduct. I don't really get it. Has civilization evolved so much that right becomes left all the sudden? Sheesh...

Sometimes, you just to take life as you find it.

Weird as it seems.

State of mind: Confused Belligerance
Music to go by when jogging: Low Rider by ZZ Top
Number of security guards seen sleeping in 1 day: 12
Number of times I had to retie my shoelaces while jogging: 9


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