Sunday, October 12, 2003

The Joys of Having No Sleep...Yeah Right!

The next day was band practice, at exactly 9 in the morning. Now, I don't usually wake up before noon during weekends, but sacrifices have to be made if I'm gonna do this thing. So I slept 5am. Which gives me 3 hours of sleep at most. Ah well, let the day begin...

8:45 am. I woke up with a blinding headache that seemed to split my head into two. Struggling towards the bathroom, weariness left me as I was surprised at the reflection of myself. Grotesque would be the exact word. I'm not definately a morning person. Grunting with displeasure, I hurriedly took a bath and put on on some decent clothes. Looking back into the mirror, a little fearfully perhaps, I find myself a little more presentable to the masses, where at least they won't take a second glance. The weird part is my hair which keeps doing the Afro thing even if I combed it several times already. Ah well, at least I'm not going to any balls or parties today. Onward to the practice...

Band practice was nice, I had lots of fun actually, so it's all good. Being the bassist is probably the easist job in the world...unless of course you want get into the limelight and have to struggle with doing extra stuff, like slap, tap and pop. Me? All I can do is keep myself awake. Only the new blisters in my hand kept me alive and kicking; it's hard to play again after so long a period, hence the finger burn. But I'm used to it; in fact I was really expecting it and brought some bandages and stuff.

After practice, had dinner with the drummer's folks and went back home to, of course, sleep.

But fate, it seems, had other plans for me.

Walking home...maybe sleepwalking would be the exact term, I find the house full of my cousins. I totally forgot it was Sunday (noticed I don't pay attention to the days sometimes) and the kids would like to have time with dear Kuya. That's me. The hero. More likely a scapegoat for my dear aunties who needed a much-sought-after-respite from the constant squabbling. And it falls down to me, as the oldest grandson and nephew in the family. Gritting my teeth, and gulping down 3 large cups of coffee, I stumbled to my incipient doom, where a gaggle of kids await THEIR pleasure. Now I have nothing against little kids especially my cousins, in fact I really like playing with them. It's the constant bickering about simple stuff that sometimes set my teeth at the edge.

Boy: Kuya, teach me the code in this game.
Me: Ok, you do it like this...( and proceeded to teach my cousin on how to do it.)
Girl: Kuya, I really need to go to the bathroom.
Me: Wait lang, I'll finish this first in a moment.
Girl: KUYA!!! I WANNA GO NA!! Me: Ok ok, lets go.
Boy: KUYA!!! Don't leave me now!! I might die at this level!!!
Me: Wait lang, I need to take her to the bathroom.
Boy: KUYA!!! I DIED!! It's all your fault!!! I'm telling MOMMY!!WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
Girl: Kuya, sowee, I made pee pee on the floor, cant hold on kasi eh. *Sniff* *Sniff*......WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH Arrrrrgggghhhh......

Days like this make me wanna join a monastery. Or maybe take up tiger hunting or something. It's relatively easier and safer. But I loved my cousins really, its just the wrong day and the wrong time and the wrong circumstances.

Sometimes, Fate really does cruel things just to tickle his fancy. I sometimes think humorously that I'm a pawn between seven characters (or eight, twin gods yung isa), namely cruel Mr.Fate, sleepy Morpheus, the twin gods Gork and Mork, infamous Lady Luck, Papa Nurgle, perverted Slaneesh and erratic Mother Nature. But that's another story for another time, a funny weird theory of mine. Seeing that sleep is overcoming me by the second, I'll talk about them next time, maybe a basis for a book or novel project of mine. Ah well...

State of Mind: ZZZZZzzzzz...nwork..gwork....ZZZZzzzzz
Now listening to: Silence...beautiful silence
Hours needed to recuperate after this day: 20
Hours needed to.....Zzzzzz.... zwork, growrk, razafraaaaza.....ZZZzzzzz


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