Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Klatoo... Verata...Nict...ah...ah...ACHOOO!!!!

ASH: Why would you say that I am insane? I wouldn't say that I've lost my mind simply because I've heard the voices and seen the godless things moving in the woods. If anything, I think more clearly now than ever before. I know now that there is such a thing as a living Evil. A dark and shapeless thing that lives not in the spaces we know, but between them. In the Dark. In the night. And it wants the exact same thing as you and I: a chance at warm life on this Earth. It doesn't care that is already had that chance ...once. Now listen closely because there isn't much time. Listen and believe, because it's all true.

Going around today in my favorite music and movie shop, I stumbled upon a lost treasure, one of the best backseat movies. The kind of movie that never got any play because of low publicity or never heard actors and actresses. Some of these great unheard movies include Six Degrees of Seperation, Will Smith's first movie which he did actually well; the Monty Python series, for those with witty humor; Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino, The Royal Tenenbaums and a lot more. One of these really really great movies is Army of Darkness, the first movie written and directed by Sam Raimi, the guy who did Spiderman. And I found this gem stuck between the shelves, with a 15% discount tag! Wow, more power to the store for giving great stuff at low prices, hehe. For those who are of the silverscreen impaired or most probably not born in the 80's, Army of Darkness is about a man called Ash Campbell, store clerk, single, basically a practical dude and his journey to the medieval ages. Now, this looks like another one of those crappy movies about the dark ages or a Back to the Future rip-off, but it actually isnt. This stuff came out in the 1980's, long before BTTF series and other crappy spin-offs of the former.

What else can I say, I really like old ones. I also like the new movies too, but only those with a really good plot, or even just a witty repartee between the characters.

Speaking of which, have you ever watch Ballistic? The movie where both Antonio Banderas and Lucy Lui starred in? Yeah gads, that gets my vote as the worst movie I ever saw. Plot was non-existant, the action dull and even the dialogue sucks! I still shudder whenever I remember watching that movie till the end, and sometimes I can't sleep at night because of it.

Ok, I was being overdramatic, but it really was a BAAAAAD ass movie. Stay away from it. You have been warned.

Which of course would pique the curiosity of some people and actually watch it. It's your funeral I guess. And I'm hoping as hell that Matrix Revolution would come out nicely, else I'm chucking my popcorn at the screen. Feh...

State of mind: Open to All
Now listening to: Cold Summer Nights by Arnee
Number of times watched Army of Darkness since childhood: 23
Number of times laughed my guts off at the movie: more than a 100

ASH: This is my boomstick. It's a twelve gauge, double barreled Remington pump. Next one of you primitives touch me...


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