Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Kuya Factor Again

Last night was Saturday night, and I was in the GK777 concert with my barkada. It was a fun night and , maybe shameless of me perhaps, take a perverted pleasure at looks directed at us for the reason I'm in the company with a group of beautiful ladies...who of course all call me Kuya. Still, it was a fun night, with the acoustic performers Nina, Nyoy Volante and Jimmy Bondoc capping off the evening, or should I say early morning, into a kind of blissful satisfaction.

Hmm, I guess one of the memorable things that happened in the concert where a dear sister took my hand, hugged my arm, looked into my eyes ... and proceeded to me tell me her problems. Things haven't changed. I could say this is unfair and maybe scream like hell but then I remembered something I read where a young king complained why is it always him the world is depending and his aunt told him in nonplussed tones "Who do you think is more suited to do the job? You could act like a king or like a spoiled boy, take your pick. Because like it or not this is way we are."


Ok, I'm less sore that people think of me as a giant teddy bear/listening post. It's not that I don't take pleasure in helping others even just by listening, it's just that sometimes I get tanked up with their various problems there's no more place to consider mine. It's the way I am I guess. I may be a tireless windbag but hey, I'm your friend for life if you'll take me.

Concert time: 7pm-2am
Number of friends counselled during the concert: 4
Number of hours spent in counselling: 3 hours


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