Monday, October 13, 2003

Male Bonding and Other Stories

Yeah gads, I totally missed my classes today!! I woke up at around 2pm, and knowing Manila traffic, knew I can't get to my classes on time. Guess that yesterday's family obligation pushed me too far, totally using my reserves. Sheesh...

Well, since I can't go to school, I might as well go to the Hobby Shop and soaked up the ambience...meaning we share "war stories", telling tall tales, expanding lies and stuff. Hey, it's a guy thing. It's what we call "Who pisses the farthest" game and it totally replaces the concept that we genuinely are fond of each other. I noticed that we guys have difficulties expressing the word love to another male guy, while females have it real easy (and provokes certain bad images to the male brain...but I won't go into that). A guy will only say the word love to another guy in only three very rare occasions: To his family, when he is about to die or if he's gay. I'll discount the latter, since it speaks for itself. The first two though, he'll say it in his most gruffest voice, sometimes coupled with jokes or interlaced with insults, with something like "Dude, I'm gonna die today, just wanna tell you I love you man...yeah right!!!" or "I love you, you fucking retarded bastard!!". Hey, that's male bonding right there.

Now, I study in a school where it so uber-liberal that nuns would run screaming if they heard one of our daily sessions. Since we're a relatively small group, nothing is considered below the norm, hence everything is open. First, we have a lesbian classmate who is so bursting with news about her new girlfriend and such, and would proceed in detail the going-ons in their relationship. Wrenching myself from the graphic images she described to us, I noticed that both males and females are intrigued by her stories, though not actually for the same reasons. Males gravitate to the lust part of course, while females take on the technicality of the act, taking note some various factors I can't even imagine. Maybe someday, they'll explain it all to me; I know I'm curious.

That's my one of my failings I guess, I'm curious to the point of obession. At least I get to write stuff about things I find out to digest them more.

Also one of my classmates is our gay president, who is so gay that all he needs is some minor physical adjustments. But he's the "clean/straight" gay, the one you can trust not to take advantage of you. Oh, he's cono as well. Anyways, he also has a boyfriend, and when he gets to talk about the things they do, the males flee the area like scared rabbits. Once, we we're forced to endure one of THOSE experiences he had, where he confided to our female teacher, LOUDLY I might add, about their recent shenanigans. All I could do was clapped my hands to my ears, and hummed loudly the national anthem. I still heard some words though, something like "penetration", "wax" and other stuff I don't care to mention in this lifetime. Still gives me nightmares though. Brrr....

Anyways, to get far from the really distubing images, I'll cut off here and talk about something else. Let's see, after the Hobby Store, I sort of lingered on the Mall, which I don't usually do. I hate crowded malls, which is probably the reason I stay at home during weekends. This day seemed different, as there are less people malling around. Hmm, maybe finally I can get the bookstore all to myself. Well, it wasn't that empty, though there wasn't that many people either. Sighing happily, I found myself a clear spot to read and kill time. Ah, the joys of reading undisturbed.

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