Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Melencholial Me

Ok, I just got back from a bowling session. Bowling is a weird sport when I play it, cuz I can actually feel my tummy do yoga whenever I released the ball, rotating here and there. And for that reason I end up in a weird angle, the one not seen in any bowling handbook but possibly in a funny comic book. But what the hell, I had lotsa fun.

But that fun turned into a sad note as one of my close friends is leaving the next day for UAE, staying there for at least 2 years. What really sucks is that I can see myself in her position. I'm also leaving in three months, and it also hard for me to leave everthing here. I guess it takes certain kind of courage to do it. Me? I might decide to fall my sword first before I leave.

Ok, that was too melodramatic, but hey, melencholia starts to creep up upon me everyday, in little doses. I will MISS a lot of things. Living and breathing here in Manila is the source of my life, and attempting to do what I plan will amount to somewhat akin to wrenching your heart out.

Ah, well, lets leave out that emotion for now. I noticed that dwelling on a depressing event tends to take you in a black mood. Let me concentrate for now. As they say, live for today, not for tommorow nor yesterday.

Friday is big mega battle between half the races in Warhammer, with High Elves, Undead, Orcs, Lizardmen, Bretonnians, Chaos and Empire clashing in one huge table and will generally try to stab everybody in the back. I will try to fend off the everybody of course, living to fluff that Orcs don't make alliances with nobody. Which will be the death of me of course. Oh well, another entry for my journal I guess.

Managing a band is tough, and it's not like any business enterprise. First you don't deal with products, you deal with people. And you have to be careful with their egos. And you have to set up regular practices and gigs. Why take this job? Well, the sheer fun is so high you actually see stars, that is if you get your shit together. Being the extrovert that I am, feeding off the crowd's pleasure is a normal activity for me.

The days of actually getting my own website is becoming more and more possible, but I'm thinking of waiting for the day I'm leaving for Iloilo, so that Dad's company will actually pay for it. Hmmm, might as well buy the new figs, hehe.

Radio Station: Magic 89.9 Fm
Now listening to: This is My World by Darius Rucker
Bowling Score: 94; 2 lucky strikes
After all this, money in pocket left: 8 pesos and 75 cents.


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