Monday, October 06, 2003

Things To Do Before I Leave

As the December Tourneys draw nearer and nearer, my time is now concentrated more on painting my figs, hoping at least to get a passable nod from the masters. Being that this would be my last tourney, I trying very hard to get my army up and ready. I wouldn't be actually writing right if my hands weren't so shaky from a frenzied painting session. I'm probably gonna be so busy this last 3 months as I have a band to set up, a play to produce, a tourney to join and of course a school to graduate. Lots of stuff to do, and writing here presents a vent for my exhaustation. I'm bone tired yet now I'm still going and going like one of those battery commecials. To wit, here are the things I must do before I leave.

1. Get the band set up to actually join the MetroCon this December. As I'm the acting manager/bass player, I do not wish to disappoint my bandmates if I falter now.

2. Stage a play for the benefit of the community. I've been thinking about it a lot, and what way to leave with a bang, eh? Besides, I did promise the other guys who I do my community work with that I'll do something special this Christmas Party, though I'm not sure if I'm still here. Oh well...

3. Get my act together and finally paint at least 300 models in preparation for a bunch of tourneys. At the rate I'm going, I'm painting 10 models per day. I'm no great painter, but I'm hoping at least my Orcs would finally have shiny armor, not just black paint, and my tanks have thier camo scheme done, not just brown desert crap.

4. Watch LoTR: The Return of the King here!!! Damn, I hate watching in the province, I want to be astounded by the cool sounds and sheer clear screen in a posh movie house. A fan of J.R.R. Tolkien would deserved as such.

5. Get my thesis finished this year, as I have been doing for the past 6 months. Gods, I really hate my school. The politics there rival the Greek Empire. Make the wrong move and you get caught up in a red tape so thick you'd look like a wrapped red taco. Sheesh....

6. Lose weight I must. Small is 30 pounds. There is no try. Do I must. The force I must remember. Delusioning myself I am.

7. Buy enough books to keep me occupied for the next half decade. Being that I'm gonna be stuck in a provincial town and limited books at my grasp, I must possess enough money to actually buy Powerbooks™ itself. How do I do that? Well, I could win the lottery, rob a bank or kidnap the President. Besides, Madam Gloria is so small I could actually pick her up and put her in my size 40 jean's pocket. The Philippines has a lot of firsts in the world but we actually have the 1st Pokemon President! Madam Gloria, I choose you!!!

8. Get enough guts to choose from one the girls I like. At the very least, if she likes me back then I really have an excuse to come back here in Manila. No guts, no glory.

9. Indulge myself in a tour of Manila, in the process possibly torturing myself by going to places I will miss so much. To that end, I will take pictures of me in those places, also continuing my masochistic torture whenever I look into those pictures and reminisce when I'm the province.

10. Finally compose a scrapbook to at least remind me of my sojourn here in Manic Manila, so I'll always remember the smell of garbage in the morning, the crowded streets of Ayala, the air pollution during rush hour, the bumper to bumper traffic, the tall skyscrapers where Manila's rich and powerful contemplate on how to gouge to country more, the coffee shops and bars where the elitist bastards congregate with their worthless existance. Ah yes, I'm, definately going to miss those.

I'm a weird mood writing this. I'm not usually this cranky before my caffeine must be the chocolates I ate. Hmm, oh well, till next time I guess.

Book of the Week: The Redemption of Althalus by David Eddings
Movie of the Month: Underworld
Caffeine Fix: Rhumba Frappucino with extra power
How many models painted before writing: 10 models, 4 walkers, 1 tank
How many models left unpainted?: 250+ models, 5 tanks, 4 chariots and so on...


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