Friday, October 17, 2003

The Zen of Writing

"Where did you learn to write like this, and where do you get the creative urge?!!", most people would ask me unbelievably. Especially those persons who thought they got me down pat as simple guy with simple pleasures. *Sigh*, I always get underestimated. Why won't people believe that within this large exterior of thine, there lurks a poet of seemly quality? Gives me something to rant about though...

Rant. Yeah, that's probably where it all started I guess. Everybody has their outlet of relaxation, be it a day in the spa, a game of basketball or even a vacation to the hitherlands. Me, I get my jollies by by putting words in paper, or in this case the screen. Hey, don't ask me why. Talking about certain stuff allows me look at the issues an a different angle, or perhaps a different point of view. Ranting and raving about them gives the issues at hand a good drubbin' and, when dried out and hanged, you can look at it in a different light. It's a relaxing way to pass time, and given my innate curiosity of things, I tend take note of a lot of stuff.

While on the subject of writing...

I've always been a writer. The only thing left to do is publish some stuff I've written over the years. But won't happen, probably maybe in 5 years time when I set up my own business and living independently. One thing a writer needs is not peace and quiet, although that comes second, but support from the people who matters to him. Since my family (both extended and immediate) abhor the idea of an writer in the family tree, and think of writing as a dishonest living and a waste of time, my growth as one is somewhat slow and maybe a little stunted. So it came to a pleasant surprise when I opened this little BLOG of mine and finding myself awashed with compliments and suggestions. For this I just wanna say thanks. Keep it coming and more power to you people!

Oh, I'm gonna be busy for a couple of days doing my projects, so I can't probably update during those times. Feel free to leave me comments and other stuff. In fact, make it mandatory, hehe.

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