Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Animarathon: Escape from Boredom

Where to begin? Well, the day started innocently enough, what with Mother Nature showering the city with rain. I, having finished my proposal and passed it yesterday in triple disc, have no class and find myself with nothing to do and no money on my hands. The next paycheck is still on Friday, just in time for the Midnight Madness Sale, so I'm guessing my new money would slip away like a greased pig. Unless, of course ,I'll just stay home and watch movies, like now.

Today's activity consist of watching Anime and reading books for the whole day. Right now, Noir is perfect for my mood, since the series is about two female assasins out to find the bleak truth. Heavy drama and excellent action, by the way, if you dig mysteries and serious plots. One thing about Noir is that you can't stop watching; you have to continue on lest you miss some important detail or such. Each episode has it's flashbacks, and at the end where you piece together one answer, ten more arise and bug the hell out of you. Noir still goes out as one of my top ten list though. Hmm, compiling my current top ten list, it goes something like this...

For the Series:
1. Chobits
2. Noir
3. Cowboy Bebop
4. Trigun
5. Love Hina
6. Golden Boy
7. Neon Evangelion
8. Fushigi Yuugi ( Ghostfighter )
9. Full Metal Panic!
10. Record of Lodoss War

For the Movies:
1. Akira
2. Princess Mononoke
3. Spirited Away
4. Ghost in the Shell
5. Nausicaa, Valley of the Winds
6. Laputa, Castle in the Sky
7. My Neighbor Totoro
8. Street Fighter II
9. Ninja Scroll
10. Kiki's Delivery Service

While some may prefer others, this is my current fave. Special mention also to Rourouni Kenshin, Tales of Eternia, Fist of the North Star, Dragonball and lots of others.

State of Mind: Mindless Yearning
Song of the Day: Let Me Be With You by Chobits
Kick-Ass Hero/Heroine of the Day: Yuumura Kirika of Noir
Bad-Ass Villain of the Day: Vicious D. of Cowboy Bebop


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