Sunday, November 23, 2003

Another Regular and Prosaic Sunday

Hmmm, can't get enough of Dungeon Keeper 2. Torturing people to convert them to your cause is fun, what with the cool sound effects of screams and shrieks in the background. And they have this really hilarious mini movies after each level, kinda like a bonus of some sort. I especially like the one where an ogre uses a chicken as a nunchuck, hehe.

Sunday morning blessed the day with a glorious sunshine, which by Philippine weather standards ended up into a blistering afternoon of sweat and stench, as garbage piles are left outside the street for the Monday pickup. Filipinos are one of the world's most fastidious and cleanest persons when it concerns their homes. Sadly, these does not extend to the street where they live in, thus we see the trash scattered around the place as if a tornado just went through. Ah well, that's one thing I ain't gonna miss.

Had a really good time with the community I served in, in fact I took a lot of pics to remember the event...although it's more for the archives. I got into a talk with some of the kids I'm leaving behind, on the potentials of being a leader and the perks of being one. Hmmm, I think I satisfied their curiosity enough to steer clear of sudden promotions, hehe. Seriously though, I think I saw one potential kid to take over my place when I leave Manila, albeit I still have reservations on his age. Thinking back though, I also started being a leader at a young age, and I was even younger then! Ah well, there is still three weeks to think things over.

I think I'm going to shut up now, I just remembered I have to get up early for a meeting. Summing up, this day was ok and somewhat prosaic, although the pics I got really made my day. It's nice to look back and remember stuff, all that nostalgia and crap.


State of Mind: Sleep Mode On
Now Listening: Superworld by Mo' Horizonz
Medium used to take pictures: The all powerful P800!
Number of pics in megs: 5 mb worth of pic of me and moi sisters hugging...sometimes, it pays to be a kuya, hehe

Arrgh...I torture myself...


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