Thursday, November 20, 2003

Back On My Feet and Stumbling Blindly Forward

I paid the price for that three day game-emu-marathon. Right now, my right arm is stiff with pain from the position of mouse holding, not moving for more then 15 hours. Waking up late didn't improve matters either as I can't move my arm above shoulder level, and just reaching my right ear would induce red hot poker pain. As of now, I 'm typing in a weird angle, with my right arm doing a vertical triangle to me and the keyboard, with the elbow as the axis. Arrgh...

Well, my ankle's partially healed and I got my lazy fat ass off home and went to, where else, the Mall. And it's weird, like I've been on a time warp or something. The Mall was different, in terms there new shops opened ( like Powerbooks Skywalk! Yehey!! ) and other shops closed ( KFC G2...shucks... ). Oh well, business must be fluctuating, which usually happens during the Christmas season.

Had fun with the guys over at the Hobby store, and for the first time, the Card Gamers went over and chatted with us for while over topics of console gaming and MMORPGs. Not to say they're unfriendly and all, and we do greet each other when we meet, but it's just pretty unusual I guess. The Hobby Store is divided into two sections, the card arena area and the tabletop area. Small wonder we didn't get to chat up before.

Speaking of which, the store would be relocated just front of it's original venue to make way for a hardware store to open. More exposure to the outside world, but less space to play with. Ah well, at least I get to see the relocation event, what with a couple of tourneys to commemorate it.

When I went home, I had a premonition and went to GB3, and by good luck, got to catch Paolo Santos do a gig. The man, if truth be honestly told, has no face value whatsoever, having a face of a bulimic nannygoat. But, man oh man, that goat can sing ballads off your ears, and it takes awhile to get them back. As usual, I had fun calling off a few fanatic friends to make inggit that I was there listening to Mr. Acoustic while they were not. Hey, I'm a simple guy. It takes simple things just to get my jollies.

After home, had to call up Mossimo Girl as I promised to help her with a stalker problem...again. *Sigh, why is it always me?! She has this problem with a certain choir teacher who's been free with his hands, and I don't like it at all. I made a promise to pick her up at practice tommorow if things get worse...if they aren't already.

The work of the Champion is never done.

Hay...Sometimes I wish I was in a monastery or something...

State of mind: Partially Satisfied with the day's happenings
Song of the Day: A Promise I Make by Dakota Moon
Now Reading: Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind
Number of friends in prenster dat kom: 19


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