Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Bermuda Triangle of Events

Ramadan. A muslim religious event. In observance and respect to the Muslim community, work and classes shall be suspended for one day, thus ensuring happiness to all students and overstressed people alike. I looked upon the occasion as an brief interlude of respite, with me not caring a fig in the world.

So it was that I slept till late afternoon, got up and discovered that the time to clean my room is at hand, since it reeks like an overworked charnel house, and I think I saw a group of roaches having a family outing. Ah well, since there wasn't anything pressing to do, might as well brush up on my cleaning skills. God knows that I need the practice...

Minutes passed and after tidying up the place a little, I threw up my hands in defeat. *Sigh* It just goes to show that sometimes we can't ever do what we always planned, however how noblest our intentions and all. Besides, I believe I'm following one of the tenets/rules/commandments of a guy, which means the dude's room must always looked like an aftermath of a garbage repository disaster. Ah well, maybe I'll try again tommorow.

Went to the mall today very late in the afternoon, and it's kinda weird knowing that it's a weekday and the time depicting rush hour and then you see the streets deserted because of the aforementioned holiday. The malls were totally packed though, and here and there I see harrased security guards do their "routine checking" on every people.

I never liked going to malls on holidays or weekends, too many people. This was no exception as I left early after grabbing a bite and checking out the Hobby Store. The gang wasn't there, and it blew my mind that today was the HS barkada's anniversary! Ah crap, it's been four years since I went to one of these impromptu reunions, having been stuck here at Manila. Here I am alone while they're over there at the province probably drinking and having loads of fun. Ah well, at least next year I'm pretty sure I can finally join in.

Speaking of which, today is also Hobby Girl's birthday, and as I write in the wee hours in the morning I'm also chatting with her through the textline. Was it a coincidence or there's a lot events happening today? Let's see... Ramadan, gang's anniversary and Hobby Girl's birthday... and coupled with the fact that her favorite saying is "Events conspire...". I don't know what to make of it, but it's totally bizarre.

Perhaps I'll ask the oracles and consult the aurguries, which is by the way is oh-so-gross. History states that before they went into battle or desire a quest, warriors of old must first consult the auguries, which involves old and supposedly wise men reading the future by fondling the entrails of a sheep or goat, whichever is handy. Yep, that's what I wrote, FONDLING, with the capital F. Goes to show that when get old, your tastes sometimes get exotic to the point of imbecility.

True though, if you think about it...

State of Mind: Mindless Yearning
Song of the Day: Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls ( exactly right for the day )
Last time I cleaned up my room: uh...last two months ago?
No. of disinfectant cannisters to be used in purging the room of bugs: 3


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