Monday, November 17, 2003

Blessed Reunion, Horrifying Lovecraft and The Infraggable Kirby

The day started fine until I was pressed to attend a impromptu reunion with guys I do my community work with. So with a sprained ankle, I limped to Shangrila to meet up with them at a place called The Watering Hole, which is actually a cool dive, albeit a little small for my taste. We didn't actually stay there for long, since the person who invited us didn't even come himself, to the chagrin of my companions. Thus, we we're left to our own devices and headed back to GB3 for some sort of relaxation.

There were only the four of us, the closest buddies I have here in Manila, and even if the we didn't have the said reunion, we had a fun little get together ourselves. You see, it's been ages that we been together, the four of us I mean. So it turned out to be a sort of reunion after all. The gang consisted of us four boys yet with totally different interests and points of view. There's Mike, who is our introverted leader and resident God's boy, yet probably knows more secrets then I do. Richard is our talkative and airhead frontman, whose jokes sometime fall off the mark ( sorry pare, ganun ka talaga eh, hehe ). Silent and brooding yet talented JR was also there, still glum as ever, probably from the result of a Goddess Complex ( pare, ligawan mo na kasi eh ). Me, well, I guess I'm just the loud mouthed guy whose hairbrained theories give a perverse reflection of sorts. Not that it's good and bad, I think of it as a natural gray color. Oh well, at least we had fun, and coming together reminds me that I'm gonna leave them behind soon, and it totally sucks. Arrrgh....

For those with a weird sense of humor, like me, the title above doesn't exactly mean horrifying lovecraft literally, rather a horror novelist. Weird name if you ask me, gives the wrong impression automatically, right? Well, let me rave for a while about H.P. Lovecraft, whose tales of perverted supernatural horror spawned cults from every generation. This is the guy who wrote the 1920's classic "Call of Cthulu", a book of the demonic and insane. Probably much more on the insane. Sometime past, I tried the RPG game based on the book, and it's totally different from all the other systems I played before. For once, the hero doesn't rush to the room filled with creatures from the netherworld swinging his greatsword; he instead runs away from the room screaming and wetting himself in the process. And making an insanity roll. Totally fun for the weekend, hehe.

Anyways, H.P. Lovecraft was to horror as J.R.R. Tolkien was to fantasy and Isaac Asimov was to science fiction. They are the grandfathers of their own genre, giants of literature so to speak. Today, the equivalent of H.P. Lovecraft would be Clive Barker. Stephen King, while the world's foremost storyteller,is more on the suspense factor; having most of his novels bring chills to your spine, like one of his rare fantasy books "Eyes of the Dragon ( that's a fan trivia for you folks, S. King did venture into fantasy at least once ). C. Barker, on the other hand, does the insane graphic route, same as H.P. Lovecraft. Recommended reading for those gloomy days of rain and storm. Really fun especially on days with no electricity and dark rooms and you want to be scared shitless. On other nonrelated stuff, I'm playing Kirby's Adventure on my Nes Emulator, and it's fun the way the pink ball of blob changes his characteristics everytime he sucks up an enemy. Yes, lords and ladies, this dude swallows his enemies to gain new powers, kinda like a politician taking money from the people to gain new projects. A fun game to pass time till I get back to the province and play my beloved PS2. I want my Final Fantasy XI and Metal Gear!!!

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