Sunday, November 09, 2003

The Call of Battle

Well, the I didn't get to be No. 1 General, though am still holding on to somewhere in the top five spot. It was a fun mini campaign, with special rules like Flier's can only glide 10" and that Cavalry cannot march due to sandy beaches. Tough luck on Bretonnians and Empire, more fun for infantry based armies. My goblins did a incredible job of holding off the elves in the first game, but ran off like a whipped dog in the second game, this time against Patrick Uy's Empire Army. What did me in was low leadership. Try rolling a 5-below using 2 dices and you'll see what I mean.

Next week, I might officiate the next Tourney. Now, being a Tourney Official is hard work. First, you have to make sure you have enough players in the tourney. Then, if you wanna make it funky, create scnarios for three games, making sure there are no loopholes for rules lawyers' to abuse. Lastly, and the very hard part, is you're alone as the Officer in the game; while others think it is a God position, it's tiring to run back and forth between the tables, and regulating the level of competition and keeping the peace between the players.

During the tourney, I find that I'm gonna really miss the guys, the game and the hobby. The game/hobby has been with me since I came here in Manila, and leaving it off for a while is like losing one of your appendages. While it basically a competitive game to most players, it also kinda a like venting off steam from work, school, familt etc. Whereas for example a bank manager player of ours is meekest at office hours, he can still scream, curse and laugh his guts off like the best of us. The game really changes all of us, and to date, aside from the assorted teachers, web page designers, and company clerks, we also have bank managers, financiers, accountants, ex military dudes and even a brain surgeon! And from the looks of it, those jobs exude the smell of certain smell of geekishness, since as guy who does numbers everyday tend to make people make the popular mistake of stereotyping.

Ah well, at least we're having good clean fun then the pretentious elitist bastards of this city.

And it feels good that I got to diss them again.

State of Mind: Elated Peevishness
Song of the Day: All in My Head by Kosheen Kokopelli
Standing in the Tourney: 4th Best General, 8th Best Overall
Weakness of Using a Goblin Army: Low Leadership


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