Friday, November 07, 2003

Chariot Racing, Alice Peacock and Early Morning Sessions

A bunch of cool yet prosaic things happened so I'll start with afternoon session of Warhammer. Things were always little hectic at the store, especially on Fridays and sometimes we get to close up the shop (perks of being a regular there, we get to make tambay behind the counter, make crude jokes with the owner and generally lord ourselves over the place, shouting asinine things to the non-regulars). This Friday though was kinda special as we had our first ever game of Warhammer Racing, using what else of course but chariots. Kinda like the games in the Coliseum of Rome, although you don't get to see elves or orcs riding elven steeds and boars respectively. It was fun, a variant of the little war we've been brewing up and it also sets the tone for this week's tourney at the Hobby Store. We already had three tourneys to date, and two times I came out 4th best in the Best General Category. Couldn't get a ranking in the Overall though, not all of my figs are painted. Anyways, things are really heating up for the December Tourneys.

Came to Music One GB3, and I just found out that Alice Peacock is a really good songwriter/singer. Meeting her was nice, got my CD signed, hehe. Seeing her perform live was another cool thing too, and made me a stronger convert to the acoustic boom here. Ah well, another inspiration to the senses.

Woke up at 4am, and immediately texted Hobby Girl. We've been going on like this for days, and mostly we talk about certain weird stuff, like the effects of World War 3, finding out what's the easiest job in the world ( by the way, it's a sleep test subject )and discussing the Fag that is Winnie the Pooh. Nice topics to keep my mind off fatigue, while meanwhile she gets to stay awake during her job ( she works at a call center, the graveyard shift). Maybe I'll ask her out for a cup of coffee. Nothing too intimate though, knowing she already has a boyfriend. She is interesting...and intriguing as well.

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