Saturday, November 08, 2003

The Classics Revisited and Reinvented

Getting out of bed is hard everyday, especially if you want to sleep more. Getting out of bed on a weekend is even harder, as the mind is sending vibes to the subconcious that sleep is the reward to a week well done. So sleep I did, and woke up in late afternoon, around 5 I think. By the time I got dressed the sun is already out for the day, leaving the moon alone for the night shift.

Sauntering over to GB3, I find a throng of people in the center park, waiting for the arrival of the Piano Player, Maksim Mrvica, or just Maksim to the music world. Curious, and probably with nothing else to do, I went and found a seat near the stage, next to the big screen. What's really good is I get to see everything at the stage, what's even better is that it's a free concert.

I am a avid fan of the classical music, ranging from Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Chopin. When I was kid, I got these classical CD's from my auntie in the States, and thus by High School I was already 'attuned' to the classical mind...or more specifically, taking up a pencil as baton and conducting my own 'orchestra' in the bathroom.

So this Maksim guy, from what I heard, is supposed to have reinvented the classics, turning into them into modern pieces. A purist myself, I wasn't really looking forward to see and hear him play; any person who dusts out the classics and adding in strobelights and techno sounds is an affront to my sensibility, and should be hanged, quartered and and chucked to deepest parts of the Himalayas.

Surprisingly though, Maksim turned out to be really good. No, make that really great! The dude came out wearing something like from the punk rock era, i.e. studded leather jeans, studded sleeveless shirt and mopped up hair. The 28 year old Croatian prodigy just sat there and just took the audience like a shockwave. Since I was near the screen, I could see his hands, moving through the keys like a man possessed, or more specifically, a man in a fit of seizure ( What is it about pianists that when they play, they look like insane epileptics pounding down the keys? Tchaikovsky used to do it, Chopin also used to do it, now Maksim is doing it. Is it like a wierd inborn flaw if you're a friggin' genius at the piano? ).

So the mini concert ended with the original version of "Flight of the Bumblebee" as an encore. I left the stage dazed yet perky, already my fingers twitched to reach for a pen, run to the nearest bathroom and do the conductor thingy again. Sadly though, the bathroom was full. Oh well, at least in my bathroom I can have all the privacy I need.

Tommorow is Tourney Day, and this time, I will win the Best General with my army of Goblins. I can't aspire for the Best Overall since not all my figs are painted, so I'm revving up to the second best thing. Hmmm, better sacrifice a chicken to give me better odds, hehe.

Song of the day: Flight of the Bumblebee by Maksim ( duh! )
State of mind: Appreciative Open Mindness
Chances of winning tommorow's tourney: 75%
Cheese level of current army: 80%


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