Thursday, November 06, 2003

The Curse of the Teddy Bear

I can't write clearly today.

I don't know why, but my mind is totally unfocused right now. Maybe it's because of the mediocre movie I watched, which was Matrix Revolutions. Shock you say? When Matrix Rev was the most awaited movie this month?! Hah! Well, I'm using mediocre cuz it didn't actually blew me off my feet, and where the hype was big, it just didn't rose up to my expectations. Sure, the battle scenes were a total killer, the graphics superb, but the plot leaves something to be desired. Can't think straight, probably because the Wachowski Brothers made it that way that most audiences would feel bewildered at the end. I know I did. Just thinking about it makes my head spin again.

Well folks, I just popped the question to Miss Alto, and it's really peachy that my curse is acting up again. Well, I didn't actually crash and burn but more of gliding softly back to earth. Talking about it maturely really helps, and since we're close friends anyways, it really didn't hurt that much, although I could say it was just smothered with great relief that I felt after doing what had to be done. So now, the air is cleared, there's nothing hanging over our heads, and it's really weird talking to her in a different light, i.e. a close friend, rather then a 'someone'. Also weird as it may be, I find I like the feeling. Ah well, better a friend then an enemy. Which chalks up to another close female friend.

I tell you, if miracles happen and I would get a girlfriend, that girl has to be so understanding. I mean, gosh, most of the people I know are females, and and at 75% of them call me affectionately as either Kuya, Labs, Dearest etc. And great gods above, they cuddle! To me! I don't know why, it just is. Memo to me, don't make ligaw to a selosa. Again, it totally sucks being a Teddy Bear for life.

Another thing that is so weird yet so true that a lot of people can testify is I know a lot of stuff. Yes, the chismis factor. To make it clear, I am not a rumormonger. People, especially the female half, tell me secrets, and again I don't know why, it just is. Case in point, Miss Alto told me something she hasn't told anyone yet, and I'm probably the only guy who knows what it is. I'm not asking for anything, I didn't even wanna know, but it's ... it's ... the Curse of the Teddy Bear that haunts me. Yeah, that's sounds like a nice name. Anyways, I mean, how am I supposed deal with those? Especially the female stuff?! I tell you, during all my years, I know more about women then any man of my same age, and that's not just the physical side, but the emotional as well. To paraphrase someone from Shakespeare, "it's a mystery, so don't ask me why."

But all in all, this day ended up nicely I guess. I have another secret locked up in the vaults of my mind. If I were to be dissected and my brain being scanned, someone would probably find great fortune hidden in the recesses of my gray matter. Blackmail anyone?


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