Sunday, November 30, 2003

A Day of Recreation and the Hamster's Thoughts on Crushes

"Quiet! I hear sounds, probably the captive slaves!", whispered Drasiir. The hulking half orc crouched near the cavern wall, listening to the echoes. The group has been following the trail of the orchish slavers. Now the trail has ended to the slaver's hideout, a cave dwelling of sorts. The assorted party members stood stock still, also trying to hear the sounds. Dwarven ears heard guttural voices, while Elvish ears caught the slight clicking of metal chains.

"Youse elves better get ready" replied Daryiin, hefting his component pouch. The dwarvish wizard silently casted a spell that allows him to move as fast as his friend Hodor. Hodor the Silent was a big man, bigger then Drasiir, and he acknowledged the dwarf's instincts for battle, readying his sword and taking point, moving silently ahead.

"We elves are always ready, friend dwarf", replied Duni as she nudged her elbow to her companion. Nathan was rubbing his elvish ears, trying get more information on sounds but to no avail. With a nod to Duni, they both casted spells of protection, and took rearguard positions.

The door was solid oak and, with a brief conversation, they determined that a rush attack would both surprise the slavers and perhaps take them off balance, an advantage in the first few minutes of battle. Drasiir took a few steps back and charged into the door, breaking it on impact. The battle began...

Well, the weather on last Saturday was cool and windy, perfect for gaming the garage. The DnD session went off without a hitch, and guys almost got creamed during the last battle. I especially like the part where they found out that most of their spells are useless because of an antimagic field, causing grief to the spellcasters. Sheer luck prevailed though, and they barely won, bloody and near death. Hence the little story I created, in regards to what happened last night. Hey, if I'm gonna do a book or something, might as well practice, eh? It was fun game though, hehe...

"Take out the gaddamn mage!" cried Daryiin as he struggled to get out of the magical vines that grappled him.

The battle had been going badly. The heroes emerged to reveal the orchish slavers already in position, a trap of steel and brute strength. What's worst, they were allied with a drow, one of the dark elves of the underworld. What was even more worst is that they were outnumbered and outclassed in magic.

"We're trying! But our spells are useless with the big bastard in front of us!" shrieked Duni, as she and Nathan also struggled against the vines. The bastard in question was a massive orc slaver, bigger then Drasiir and Hodor combined, and is effortlessly exchanging blows with the two barbarians. The head slaver was enchanted with an antimagic field, the reason of the spellcasters chagrin. Meanwhile, the one who casted the magic vine spell was mumbling another spell. The dark elf grinned evilly as he released a spell of haste, making him blur with lightning speed.

"Drasiir! Hodor! Keep that orc away from us! He's disrupting our spells!", shouted Nathan, as he chopped down an offending vine that was trying to strangle him. The two barbarians, knowing that killing the mage is the only chance they got, bellowed and raged, getting a second wind from anger and frustation, beating back the massive slaver step by step.

"Now!" the trio shouted as they launched all their powerful spells on the blurred outline. Nathan's lightning bolt never got close as it was dispelled and Duni's and Daryiin's fireball seemed to engulf the dark elf in a ball of flame, but disappated in a while, leaving the evil wizard unharmed.

"Damn! He has resistance to fire! There's just no stopping him!", despaired Duni.

"We've got one last chance. We've got to weave the biggest spell we have", said Daryiin.

"You mean...", Nathan faltered, afraid of the implications.

"Yup, you guessed it. We have to cast Phantasmal Killer, it's the only way", replied Daryiin.

"But, we'll be drained and comatose if we used that, and gods above know what will happen if we fail!", said Duni.

"Better we tried and dead then dead and never trying", Daryiin shrugged and began the incatations. The elves looked at each other, resigned themselves to oblivion and also began weaving the spell.

Meanwhile Drasiir and Hodor are having difficult time punching through the armor of the Orc Slaver. Both their magical weapons are useless because of the anti magic field, and Hodor is bleeding heavily on one side, with Drasiir holding on to his conciousness. They saw the next blow stopped, the orc being distracted by the shout from the mages. Their combined spell was released, writhing and slithering it's way to the dark elf, who watched in abject horror before being engulfed in the deadly fog. He died a moments later, toppling down at the same time with the mage trio, who spent their last energies on the spell. With the drow dead, both the barbarian's magic kicked in and, with renewed strength, battered the hulking orc to the wall and pummeled him down for good.

Then they both slumped down also, alive yet exhausted. Rest first, they thought, before we release the slaves. It's not that they're going anywhere...

Sunday weather is cool, and walking around at night turned out to be a very cold experience. I'm a fat dude, and being insulated with layers of fat didn't even help a smidgen at all, so I guess those with thin bodies must be freezing. No surprise there, hehe.

Had fun during the community's HLT session, what with more chances to immerse myself with "family" before I leave them in a couple of weeks. During the session, I again took the role on a Silent Teddybear as people took me in the side and ask for help. Hmmm, maybe it's time for me to charge for my services... Anyways, I found quite a lot of stuff, like Mossimo Girl's decision on who's her lucky guy ( four of them actually, she's gonna winnow down her prospects ), Cuddlybear's new suitor ( the guy and I had a "chat". One of those Kuya things...) and other weird things, things too sensitive even to talk here. Ah well...

The guys over the Hobby Store planned and proposed a despidida tourney for me and Sir Bobby, who's also leaving for Italy. I can honestly say that I'm quite touched. All in all, besides the girls, these guys I will miss the most, a fellow geek who took refuge and became one of their own. The only weird thing is the title of the tourney, which was named Warhamster's and White Knight's Commemorative Tourney. Kinda like we died or something, hehe. Warhamster was, or is still is, my pen handle in the Warhammer Philippine Forums, as with White Knight is Sir Bobby's. At least with the forums we can still get updated with what's happening, what's cool and what totally sucks.

Ok, weird part. I sometimes get hunches or intuitions based on the people's reaction or expressions. Now my Hamster Sense is tingling wildly, and it says that there's a couple of girls with a big crush on me. Now crushes I can handle, and I know three or perhaps four girls ( six now actually, adding the two newest ) whom had hopes but what can I say? I'm just not interested in any of them I guess. There's even a girl who proposed to me ( now that's unusual, a girl proposing ), but the thing is I just don't see any future if she and I get together.

Yes, I know. I've been ranting on and off about not having someone special. But for me, I'd rather not waste time if I know we won't be together long. Pessimistic of me perhaps, but probably due to experience, I can see if we're gonna both last long or not. I want relationships that reach 3 or 4 years goddammit, not inconsequential flings or crappy whatnots!

And I'm not saying that they're not good looking! Hell, all of them have Filipina beauty etched on their bodies and souls, and it somewhat pains me just a little to take no actions to their advances. I know me, and I'm not saying they're all stupid as stumps, but I like girls who are a good conversionalist and very intellectual to boot. While they may be beautiful, they just talk about stuff I just don't really care about, or have no opinions at all.

I remember something about what Kim told me after one of our games in the Hobby Store. The dude used to be a ladies man, but he kinda defected and gave me one of the best advice when choosing a girlfriend. He said "Doesn't matter if your girlfriend is current winner of the Miss Universe Pageant and other nonsense crap, they all grow old and ugly by the time you both reach 50. The important thing is to look ahead and knowing that she is the girl you'll be comfortable with for the rest of your life." The dude is actually getting married next year, and I might come back here in Manila and be a secondary sponsor or something, which is what I'll be at the wedding of one of my friends this January 3. Everybody is getting married all of the sudden, come to think of it...

Hmmm, perhaps it's time for me to come out and say it to the one girl I really like...although that will totally suck cause I'm leaving in like a couple of weeks...

Whatever the Dice Gods favor I guess...

State of Mind: Creative Blah
Song of the Day: Clarity by John Mayer
People counseled during HLT: 5
Site of the Week: ( Warhammer Philippines Forum )

Being the geek that I am, if you do check out the site, try to find my posts as Warhamster. Or the topic Despidida Tourney.

Unabashed braggart and a tad shameful of me perhaps to plug, but then again I'm a tireless windbag, so I guess I have no real excuses, hehe...


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