Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The Hamster: Matchmaker, Bodyguard and Chaperon

Well, the weather wasn't so bad today, in fact the air was cool and the sun just bright enough as to not cause everybody severe gluocoma, wierd as it may be jugding by Philippine weather standards.

Anyways, today is the Paolo Santos gig at GB3 and the food court area was packed to brim with assorted yuppies, students, blue collar workers, models, radio jockeys and other different types of people. Not surprisingly, the audience consisted at least 65% female, 32% male and the last 3% percent your average gay, lesbian, non-human etc.

So there I was, the first of the gang to arrive, looking for a good spot to sit down. And wonders of wonders, who should I meet than the Choirmaster himself, also waiting for his own ka-berks to show up. We got into talking about non-consequential stuff, and he finally popped the question about Mossimo Girl. Ah so that's where the discussions were leading. I replied somewhat vaguely that she's coming and she's alone, which I knew would raise her hackles if she knew her object of horror was there. Ah well, at least I'm there to keep the peace, if something bad happens of course. And even though I can't stand the guy, nobody can accuse me of being unpolite and discourteous, eh? Right after I bash him on the head of course...

Sadly there wasn't any reason to do so. Oh well, I can't have everything...

The gang arrived somewhat late, but we did have fun watching Mr. Acoustic do his stuff, much to the delight of the female half of the audience. Me, I'm there to get chords and perhaps, if possible, get tabs by the studying the finger placement. Hey, that's why I'm there, to research stuff, hehe.

Meanwhile, Mossimo Girl kept her distance from Choirmaster, using me as a human shield ( now I know what a grunt feels when he knows there's a sniper sighting him ). The sick dude on the other hand kept trying to get her to sit beside him, where I think she coldly declined, much to his frustation. At least the bastard kept his hands to himself, or there would be hell to pay. So it was in the end they were playing some sort of patintero-habulan with special rules and me as the big fat line. Story of my life as a Kuya I guess...

And as part of my weird scheme to see everyone off in a sort of a happy bliss, I invited people who wouldn't readily talk to each other in the sense that they like each other. Yep, those persons who need a speaker of sorts just to ask their "hearts" about the weather. So I thought I get it all over in one time and got them together, being the psuedo-matchmaker that I am. And I think I did real good this time, probably one of my best schemes, seeing the emotional barriers finally breaking down and the notion of not needing a bridge finally seeped into their lovesick minds. And I can get my much needed sleep and rest after all of this, thank God.

All in all, it was a fun night, ending in me grumbly paying the cab fare since the gang were a little "indisposed". Ah well, at least I won't be doing this anymore in a couple of weeks. Weird as it my be though, I think I'm going to actually miss it. Then again I get to have a new field to play with and new people to scheme at. Something to look forward I guess...

State of Mind: Tired Euphoria
Song of the Day: You and I Both by Jason Mraz
Fave Paolo Santos Rendition: Clarity by John Mayer
Number of couples hooked up tonight and will owe me big time: 6


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