Friday, November 28, 2003

Hamster's Safe Mode

Well, I was pretty bored yesterday. I think it was due to the factors of the hot air, confining four walls and sheer boredom that fused my cerebellum and automatically activated the safe mode subprogram, where in my case, the Hamster mode. The Hamster Mode, in all sense, is a fail safe program that allows my brain to run while the grey cells run to and fro putting out imaginary fires, although the only problem is that I can only think of one or two things. Thus, yesterday's entry was the direct result of the said factors, wherein I think like intelligent rodent pawing away the futility of boredom...OH CRAP, I'm doing it again am I? I thinking like a goddamn rodent again, what with all the things I've been thinking and writing here. The thing is when I'm writing in this mode is that I get all snippy and intellectual, losing myself to the geek inside me and will talk incessantly about wierd stuff, stuff that sometimes would not guarantee to add to the amount of human knowledge whatsoever, even if I make myself....ARRRGGHHH!!! I'M DOIN' IT STILL!!!!

Relax...take deep breaths....

Hwoo....think clear skies and white cap mountains....Hweee....release the boredom inside....Hwooo.....

Alrighty then, looks like I'm a little better now. Just got my PC reformatted, and I think that's the direct reason why I'm acting all strange lately. My computer is directly connected to my life, giving me all I need like mother breastfeeding her baby. It knows everything that is me, getting my persona from my files. It also provides entertainment ( duh! ) in form of games and internet, and even has a radio and TV applications. I think I would go nuts if something happened to my PC. Besides, it's one way of being connected to the outside world, albeit not in physical form of course. And reformatting is also like shutting off one part of your brain, which is this case, might be true for me.

Friday Night as usual is jam packed, with no exceptions to the Hobby Store. Finally got a game against Arys, a Dark Elf player who plays not so regularly. I thought at the start of out game I would lose since he has the Mistress Morathi, the Queen Bitch of the Naggaroth Empire, on play against me. Arrrgh, I can't abide special characters, they are just so cheesy! Thank gods that Gork and Mork was feeling generous today, and by the turn five, trounced around the battle field with three massive spells of Gork's Warpath caused by a miscast. Sheer luck I guess, and rolling three consecutive 6's is enough to make me grin like a stoopid Orc, hehe. I just love my Orcs and Gobbos, and I'll never get tired of the dumb luck that they have.

Friday night is also gimmick night, and the amount of flesh I see at GB3 is enough to reduce to a walking puddle of drool. I'll say this, the Filipina woman is truly a beautiful creature, and none can compare her to other women from different countries. And I got to brush shoulders with Amanda Griffin! Arrrrgh...I really tortured myself that time. Ah well, better to experience it than not at all.

Aggravating as it may be.

Tommorow is Dungeons and Dragons session night ( finally! ) and I guess I won't be updating these couple of Saturdays. The Dungeon Master's work is never easy, and a two month hiatus from RPG gaming can be a hassle, what with the rules and all. *Sigh*, one thing I really wanna wish for is a group of serious players in the province...but then again pigs can fly I guess...

State of Mind: Reconstructive Thinking
Song of the Day: Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer ( yep, judging by amount of flesh I saw, this seems appropriate )
Days left till I leave kicking and screaming: 16
Type of victory against the Dark Elves: Massacre! w00t!! Huzzah!!!


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