Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Improbable Nation of Geekdom Part 2: The Smaller Houses

Ah, I see you are back.

Very well, let me continue our discussion, provided of course you have the necessary documents pertaining to the question of accessing our files. Ah, I see you have them. This way please, I'm hoping our discussions would be much better in the veranda. Where was I? Oh yes...

As I said, there are five Grand Houses in power today, and we have already discussed the differences of each house. Aside from these great Houses, we also have other smaller Houses, each trying to find their niche in the politics of Geekdom. While there are probably dozens of other houses, we shall attempt to concentrate on the other, more venerated or successful ones. Thus now I will present to you the small elite Houses.

House Scrapbook came into the ages of the 80's and surprisingly comprimises 75% of the female population of geekdom. Scrapbookers has it's humble beginnings and stong power base but sadly not enough to contend with the any of the Grand Houses. Also, they are more of the diplomatic sort of geeks, although at times it can get into extremes as they tend to salvage EVERYTHING with memory value, even if its just a candy wrapper from a beach outing. Called somewhat snidely as Trash Collectors, but never in their faces. Basically a bubbly and outgoing sort of geek, they have strong contacts with House Photos and House Videos.

House Photos, or the photogeeks, have this intense obsession about viewing the world behind a camera, thus sometimes rendering them as somewhat shortsighted geeks. Their Geekspeak dialect consists mostly on color, daylight and equipment pertaining to the type of camera used. While they might be as outgoing as Scrapbookers or Videogeeks, they tend to sometimes annoy geeks and people alike by the "capturing a stolen shot moment". These type of geeks are usually living alarm clocks, sometimes racing over to a suitable site to capture a flower blooming, a sunrise/sunset, a boat entering to a fog etc. They also tend to get into spirited discussions with House Videos as to what medium is more powerful, i.e. the Camera or the Videocamera.

House Videos is also a small house, smaller compared to House Photos as their equipment is most costly. It is true that they continue to have a feud with the photogeeks, but in reality have the same aspect, vision and personality as them, except for the preferred equipment of course. The Twin Houses of Picture, the other houses called them laughingly, which they tend to ingore blithely.

House Animation is one of the new houses to rise from obscurity, as it gathers more and more geek support. It just might be the 6th Grand House in a few years, it just only lacks material as the videos pertaining to their vision is hard to come by. Fully two-thirds of the geeks in this House are of the japaneseque inclined, the Anime factor. It is to be debated that Anime videos have better plot and action scenes, but other purists of this house cling stubbornly to the western side of the animation, namely G.I. Joe, Silverhawks, Transformers and other cartoons mostly from the Hanna Barbera Studios. The struggle within is waning though, as new movies are released every year from Japan, whereas the "old-timers" tend to hang on to their dusty videotapes. What with Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball, Fushigi Yugi etc. taking the House by storm, I fear that the western animation would just be available to the hidden archives of the House.

House Vampirism is one of the weirdest Houses of Geekdom. Small yet has strong supporters, this house weathered everything the world shot at them, yet they survived and garner a few converts every year. This is the only House which has a different costume, mostly on the Goth persuasion, lots of black leather, black lace and black makeup. Surprising though is that they get real well with Grand House RPG Specialists, probably because the Grand House can offer the Goths, as they are aptly called, a temporary refuge by creating worlds of pleasure and blood. Mostly blood though. Oh, and the females of this House are a rare beauty, ranging from white skin tone to very red lips. Which is probably one the reasons why they still get supporters. Rumours even say that House Vampirism is a female dominated society, although one can only speculate. I must say though that they really have cool posh parties. As one of the oldest and respected Houses, people and geek alike tend to respect the geek's courage in living in the Goth era, i.e. the clothes, the mannerism and attitudes. That's one thing to be said about them though, courage even in the direst circumstances, like living in the dark all the while watching a horror marathon. And laughing. But mostly cackling for the females or deep insidous laughter for the males.

House Toy Collectors is also one of the oldest houses to date, and they have good contacts with House Miniture Gamers. But as their stuff is also expensive, have garnered only a few people support over the years. But they are also on par with riches as with House Card Gamers and Comic Collectors. You will find their place covered floor to ceiling with every concivable toy ever made up to date, plus in their lock vaults you can also find the rare ones, like Homer Simpson's Golf Attire with Extra Swing or the Bumblebee discarded series. As geeks, they tend to be a stuffy lot, almost like the world librarians, fussing over this and that, and where cleaning every five minutes is practically a virtue.

We also have an obscure but very old house: the House Coin Collectors. Coiners, as they are called, keep mostly to themselves and are branch off as not actually true geeks, since they interbreed with the normal population. Coiners now have jobs like bankers, businessmen, stock experts etc. and are probably more richer then any House, grand or small. But as they live secretly, with their vaults more protected then any House combined. We know little of them, but though sometimes support the Geekdom Policy.

It is getting dark now, and I fear I shall have to bid you to leave. I do hope that this little interview has entlightened your understanding of our culture, as we are always misunderstood most of the times.

This is still me, Raf the Hamster, flooded with inane messages about this hobby or that and compelled to write more about Geekdom, saying goodnight, adieu and too doo loo.

The Truth is out there.


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