Thursday, November 13, 2003

Invasion Of The Underdark

The days look gloomier and gloomier as days get nearer and nearer to Christmas. Kinda weird, isn't it? The weather gets terrible as the year ends, like a man on his last breath dying of severe involuted dystrophia coupled with a racking cough. Anyways, the day started predictably with a thunderstorm so strong I think I saw a pig fly past my bedroom. Well, not actually but you get the picture. At least I'm here in my cozy room, playing the old SNES version of Harvest Moon on my PC. I had no worries at that moment, and I was contented with my life at that point.

Afternoon heralded one of the worst disasters of Mankind... the electricity was cut off. Biting off screams, I trounced around the room looking for something to punch to. What happened was that before the lights went out was that I was on the last days of Harvest Moon, finishing up the game so to speak...and I didn't friggin' save!!! Arrrrghhh, the humanity!!! Which means going back a year in game terms, which also means all those hours wasted!!!

Hanging my head in defeat and with nothing to do except mutter curses and inane blabberings, I had no choice but to attempt the impossible, which was go out in the storm to the mall. Hey, I had this destructive urge, and going out in the rain looked like a nice idea at that time. So out I went, with only my lucky jacket, a book and temper so hot the rain above my head evaporated.

Entering the mall somewhat cooled my anger, and it was replaced by incredulity. The mall was packed with every denizen of the underdark! Not the Dark Elves or the Druchii, but I meant prostitutes, mofos, gays, lesbians and every low life scum on the earth. You name it, I saw it, they're there! And some other 'its' that I wouldn't deign mention. Not that I have anything against these kind of people, it just the dregs of their kind that I particurly loathe, the lowest of the low so to speak. And it's true then that roaches appear when the water level rises. What I see before me is an infestation of the roaches of mankind. More like an invasion of the underdark.

One good thing was the Hobby Store was clear, evidently it was a 'vermin-free' area. Thank God for the hobby, for which I am protected from the outside world.

It was really absurd to see all those 'dregs' packed in the really high class places like Starbucks and not ordering anything, or ordering the cheapest one on the menu and sharing it between the ten of them (for me, four sharing is ok ) Pretentious pricks, the lot of them. I even saw the manager of one store arguing with a bunch of mofos over not ordering a thing. And one old hag actually had the gall to call security to complain something about 'free country', 'rights', 'knowing the mayor' and other crocks of bullshit.

Apparently, stupidity still reigns as one of earth's most prevalent trait.

So it was that I went home, in the rain, and pondered on the insane race known as humans. It's hard to imagine our achievements and triumphs when you encounter everyday events such as these.

This is me, Raf the Hamster, still angry for not saving Harvest Moon. Yes, it's over the top and 'mababaw' but hey, this is what journals are for, good for venting steam if nothing else.

Now, I have to got to stop writing else I do more damage. Time to the Zen thing...hwooo...clear blue trees...hweee....white cap mountains...

Crap, still doesn't work at all.

State of Mind: Low Temp Anger
Song of the Day: Save Me by Remy Zero ( Yes, it is a pun of sorts. )
Now Reading: The Diamond Throne by David Eddings
Number of minutes used inventing curses: 14 minutes


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