Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Maintain Cruising Speed...

"Raptor One, I have a bogey at my six."

"Raptor Two, disengage your target and make evasive manuevers"

"Raptor One, can't shake him, he's too fast and.....ARRRRGHHH!!!"


Stayed home and watch the rain pour down like sacks of pudding on Christmas Eve. Nothing to do and nothing to watch eversince the two day hiatus of All Hollows Eve. Glumly thinking that this would be a good time to clean the room, I stumbled upon a old cd I bought a long while back but couldn't play because my pc didn't reached it's requirements. That was 4 months ago, and with a new motherboard installed I can actually play the game now. Hmmm, I remembered I bought this game just to get that 3 for 1 deal, and had no real interest in it really. Freelancer, it was titled. Well, better then cleaning I guess, and installed the game into the computer.

17 hours later...

Damn, I can't break away from the game! It's just way too cool. The graphics are great, almost like the Homeworld Series. But Homeworld is a RTS/Building game, while Freelancer shines as a FPS/RPG type where you gain cash by doing certain jobs and upgrading your ship. And what gameplay it has! As part of the 80's generation, everyone has dreams of donning the helmet and taking on the Death Star and Tie Wing fighters from the Star Wars Series. Or even grow a mustache and wear a captain's hat like in the Robotech Series. With Freelancer, you find yourself going against fighters, cruisers and even armadas!

But I'm going ahead of myself. Freelancer takes place in the far future where half of mankind drifted off in 5 sleeper ships and started over in some unknown galaxy. Fast forward 500 years, the colonies became five major places, so to speak. Liberty, kinda like the US I guess; Rheinland, russian folks; Kusari, asian dudes; Bretonia, europian chaps and the Sirius Sector, which I haven't reached in the game yet. You play Edward Trent, a freelancer who got involved in a messy incident concerning an alien artifact. Before he was just a low level business dude just looking for some good deals and easy money on the side. Now, he has been falsely accused of murder, terrorism and grand theft (hey, kinda reminds me of the Philippines, hehe). Not only that, Liberty and Rheinland are both after him, or specifically the artifact he carries and has been on the run since.

The gameplay is totally awesome, and the galaxy explorable. The ships are nice, the guns look cool. The only thing that raises my eyebrows in disgust is the dialogue. Man, even philippine cinema has better style! There are also some rip-offs, but the plot is intriguing with enough, with twist and turns to keep my head up.

Now, off to Rheinland, the heart of the enemy!

Freelancer Company: Microsoft Games Rating*
Gameplay: 5
Sounds: 4
Graphics: 4
Replayabilty: 5
Addictability: 5

*based on 5 being the highest

"Gunships ahead, sir!"

"Load up the torpedoes and set course dead ahead!"

"Sir, enemy fighters on our flank and rear!"

"Maintain top speed and man the turrets. Brace for impact!"


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