Monday, November 10, 2003

The Muse, Stalkers and Night Outs

Today, I am again totally falling for someone I can't have. She's brilliant, beautiful and with a touch of class, kinda like a Muse in the Greek Histories. She likes the classics as much as I do, and she into books as well. Gods above, why do I always fall for the intellectual types?! We talk at least once a week on the phone, meet sometimes in the mall, usually in the bookstore, and we enjoy good music together. So why can't I have her? Well, for one thing, it's totally inappropraite because of the 'Kuya Factor' again, and plus I'm bloody leaving in a month ( the days are getting shorter and shorter ). Also I'd rather shoot myself in the head I'm thinking. And those people who keep on saying "Better to have love and lost than to never not love at all" can go to hell. What is it about that saying that makes every male into masochistic arseholes? Just because you know already have no chance in hell but will still have a go just for the off chance that she will like you.

And thus the real reason for stalker tendencies is revealed. Stalkers are persistent and can be scary. I know because for 5 times in my life, I have been at the recieving end of it, by various friends who cry out to their Kuya to save them. Which is me ending up almost getting beaten up by a bloody pulp by one guy's barkada. Good thing we were near a policeman at that time. One other guy was so persistant and bloody stupid as well ( stalkers have one track minds, other thoughts are discouraged and considered sacrilegeous to the stalker religion ) that he actually committed breaking and entering on one of my friend's house. Good thing there were iron bars in the windows, else he would have entered the house silently. So it was he was caught jingling the lock and subsequently thrown into jail...for only a couple of hours I think. The guy's parents made it all hush up, which goes to show that where Law is good and equal, it will still take the first chance to line up it's pockets. I think they migrated to Austrailia, to the relief of my friend.

Tommorow is Acoustic Nights at Greenbelt 3 with Paolo Santos, one of the country's premier songwriter/guitarist. Got the gang together to commit in a surprising short time, so I guess I'm gonna be watching with 5 or 6 buddies of mine. I usually don't bother with inviting other people because it's such a hassle, but I'm thinking that the time I'm spending here is getting shorter by the minute, so I guess this is one thing of getting together to make more good memories.

State of Mind: Dreaded Contemplation
Song of the Day: Till Take My Heart Away by Paolo Santos and Kyla
Days Left Before I Leave: 41 days or so
Number of Books to Freight Back in the Province: 170+


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