Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Opinions Matter But I Don't Give A Crap

Well, day two of solitary confinement came and went like a blur, with boredom still a big issue in my place. Gaming marathon was a good distraction for a while, although your eyes and brain can only get so much data after a few hours of troll-bashing, city-building, shoot-'em-up-in-the-ass games. I even tried an obscure choose-your-own-adventure type of game called Legend of Dragonpass just for variety. Ah well, I guess it's better then staring at cockroaches doind their thing, gross as it is...

I've received quite a few messages regarding my diss on actor-politicians. Well, ok, let's say not all of those actor-politicians are bad, perhaps a small percentage of them are truly 10%...maybe less...

Which goes to show that I will always have a uncompramising view to persons who run elections after doing a diaper commercial. It's just me, of course, my opinions and my points of view. Many of you who wrote to me messages that not all of these "cretins" are bad, so I guess I should not use the word cretin. Oops,I already did it. Others say that it's not their fault indirectly, since it's actually the nation's fault of voting unhanged villians that the nation is at these state.

Which also reinforces my idea of earning your vote, as what I've written in "Political Junkie". Only those who are educated and serve their country faithfully deserved to vote, as perhaps they also have the chance of running the nation. Makes a good ideological debate over the years. On other news, my ankle is healing nicely, maybe tommorow I can go out and smell the reeking stench of air pollution. Might as well take a jeep or taxi to go to the mall, since I think my feet isn't up for a 1 mile of walk-limp-stumble.

State of Mind: Red-eyed Grogginess
Song of the Day: Buses and Trains by Bachelor Girl
Now Reading: Starship Troopers by Robert E. Heinlan
Days left before extreme extraction: 27 and counting...


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